Wine With A View | Travel Guide

Wine With A View | Travel Guide

As I was sipping on my glass of sauvignon blanc watching the waves crash against the sandy beach and the sun set into the pinky orange sky, all three of my babes by my side,  I couldn’t help but think nothing is better than this. Traveling has always been my strong suit, I thrive in new cities, new restaurants, new people all around me. Which also got me thinking that I have had my daily glass of vino in so many amazing places that I must share!

Beach Getaway | What To Do + What To Pack

Beach Getaway | What To Do + What To Pack

Beach getaways will always be one of my favorite things. Even more so now that I have my very own little tribe to take along with me. I love when we all get to get away together, it's like an escape from all reality.

Fortunately our move to the middle of the desert wasn’t too far away for a trip to the beach. We can pack our bags and be soaking up the sun in five quick hours. 

10 Kitchen Swaps To A Healthier You

10 Kitchen Swaps To A Healthier You

The kitchen is one of my many happy places. For obvious reasons like the food it has to offer but also for not so obvious reasons this is a place to create and really be in my element. Nutritious and organic can be delicious. As well as easy, swapping out a few things here and there for raw and natural ingredients, not only will make a difference in the taste of your food, but can alter your healthy, mood, and energy levels.

So I have put together a list of ten different ways you can switch up your food, and only gain good things while doing so. So grab a pen and the nearest piece of paper, because I promise, you will be running to the store to grab these hot items.

Getting Your Sweat In On Vacay

Getting Your Sweat In On Vacay

Working out on vacation is not for everyone. I totally get that, but for those who like to get their sweat in different time zones you know how hard it can be to get that perfect sesh in. Hotel gyms are tight, never have all of the right equipment, and honestly they smell weird. Personally I am a studio addict and have probably been to 90% of them on the west coast alone, ya know Soul Cycle for life.

Boost Your Energy While Traveling

Boost Your Energy While Traveling

Jet lag… we’ve all had it and we all know how miserable it can be. Whether it is a two hour difference to your neighboring state or nine hours away in the city of love. These time differences can really take a toll on your body and make or break your travel experience.

Over my years of jet lag, lack of energy, and coast to coast trips, I have learned the in’s and the out’s of making the most of my time. Energy is key, it is literally what makes the world go round in so many aspects of life. So I thought i would share how I keep my energy level at its best during my travels.

Airport Hacks & Tips

Airport Hacks & Tips

Have you ever been in a frantic state running semi late but kind of on time for your flight? And then when you are going to check your bag the scale reads ten pounds over? But it’s like you need all three lotions, the extra four outfits, and that magic bullet blender for your morning smoothie ritual. So there you are on the “God knows what has been on here” airport floor trying to do a bag shuffle and make it work, all while trying to catch your flight in time.

Hotel Overview | The Ritz-Carlton Bacara

Hotel Overview | The Ritz-Carlton Bacara

We are getting so close to the due date of our little one, so just last week the time had finally come for us to go on our Babymoon! The Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara treated us to the sweetest little weekend to celebrate our little girl’s upcoming arrival.

Los Angeles Baby Shower

Los Angeles Baby Shower

Our baby shower in LA was so magical. LA is where it all started for my little family. I met Kevin only a week after moving to LA and we instantly had a connection and became good friends. When we finally started dating, he moved to San Francisco where I eventually followed.

Luxury Community Overview | Featuring Pine Canyon

Luxury Community Overview | Featuring Pine Canyon

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share one of my recent trips to Flagstaff with you. This trip was extra special because we actually got to visit and stay at Pine Canyon, a luxury homes community.

What I Would Wear To Coachella This Year

What I Would Wear To Coachella This Year

Hi guys, as you know I'm 2 years retired from a 6 year COACHELLA STREAK. I haven't really missed it up until this year, but I don't think they allow pregnant women to attend anyway. haha! I may have one more Coachella blow out weekend in me in the next two years... and then I'll retire for good. If you're looking for some tips, see this post. Otherwise, this is ALL #OOTD.

Hotel Overview | Featuring The Landing Lake Tahoe

Hotel Overview | Featuring The Landing Lake Tahoe

As you guys probably know, we recently took a trip to Lake Tahoe a couple of weekends ago and it was such a nice little getaway. We had the opportunity to stay at The Landing Lake Tahoe and it was just the relaxing trip we needed.

California Wine Country

California Wine Country

Taking your first trip to Wine Country? I wanted to share some of my favorite spots with you to help you navigate. I've sat down to write this a million times but something always came up. So here it is... ever-changing and they need our business more than ever.

Napa/Sonoma has a very special place in my heart. My husband and I would head that way when living in SF almost every chance we got. I would drink and he would eat, it was a win-win. We spent lots of special occasions in this magical place and we definitely know our way around.

Hotel Overview | Featuring Waikiki Parc

Hotel Overview | Featuring Waikiki Parc

As you guys may know, we recently traveled to Hawaii and had the opportunity to stay at Waikiki Parc. It’s such a beautiful and relaxing hotel and everything about our stay was so perfect. The hardest part about our stay was deciding when to go out and explore and when to stay and enjoy everything the hotel had to offer.

Hotel Overview | Featuring Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa

Hotel Overview | Featuring Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa

Sedona is one of my favorite cities to visit during this time of year. It’s always so beautiful there and the winter weather just makes it even better.

Hotel Overview | Featuring Hilton Sedona Resort Bell Rock

Hotel Overview | Featuring Hilton Sedona Resort Bell Rock

I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Hilton Sedona Resort Bell Rock and you guys, it was SO amazing! Our entire stay was absolutely nothing short of dreamy. It’s incredible how relaxing and peaceful the resort is. It’s nestled right in the middle of Sedona’s infamous red rock mountains so no matter where you are within the resort, the view is spectacular.

Hotel Overview | Featuring The Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey


I recently took a road trip out to Southern California where my best friend and I had the opportunity to have a girls weekend at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey.


The luxury waterfront location was all sorts of dreamy.


With a bright and airy ambiance and stunning coastal views, we were able to soak in all of the California sunshine and sea breeze.


Our stay was the perfect mix of play and relaxation.


Marina Del Rey offers all sorts of activities and entertainment throughout the city.


With tons of water front restaurants and shops to stroll around in Fisherman’s village nearby, or if you love to be active you can do anything from paddle boarding to a sunset cruise on the bay.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-6 (4 of 6).jpg

The Ritz offers plenty of amazing amenities throughout the hotel for your stay.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-6 (2 of 6).jpg

You can enjoy lounging by LA’s only waterfront pool destination at the cabanas. Or relax and refresh yourself with a day of serenity enjoying a massage or facial treatment in the 7,000 square foot spa.


The hotel offers over 300 rooms and suites each including private balconies with insane views of the ocean and city.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-1 (14 of 20).jpg

The interior of the suites had a refreshing coastal themed ambiance. With gorgeous bathrooms that had all the perfect lighting and marble décor a girl could dream of.


The hotel also offers pet friendly accommodations as well as a wonderful fitness center equipped with eucalyptus steam rooms.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-6 (6 of 6).jpg
ritz-carlton (1 of 7).jpg

We had an exquisite experience at the Marina Del Rey Club Level located on the eleventh floor with breathtaking ocean views and an exclusive hotel experience within the hotel. With personalized services, the suites and Club lounge offer a relaxing luxury to your stay.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-2 (1 of 1).jpg
ritz-carlton (2 of 7).jpg

The Club Level cuisine and cocktail experience was a first class experience and was enough reason in itself to choose the Club Level.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-6 (3 of 6).jpg
ritz-carlton (3 of 7).jpg

The restaurant terrace within the hotel features Cast and Plow encompassing a coastal theme and offering a true California cuisine that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors around balcony fire pit lounges.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-3 (1 of 1).jpg
ritz-carlton (6 of 7).jpg

We enjoyed each unique dining experience there with the variety of farm fresh dishes and handcrafted cocktails.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-9 (1 of 1).jpg
ritz-carlton (7 of 7).jpg

With community inspired plates incorporating local Southern California culture through the supply of local wineries, farmers and fisherman.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-1 (11 of 20).jpg
ritz-carlton-marina-del-ray (1 of 2).jpg

This beachfront destination is perfect for anytime of the year, with the holidays coming up it can be the perfect California Beach getaway to relax and refresh before the new year.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-ray (2 of 2).jpg
ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-1 (6 of 20).jpg

Being located minutes away from LAX, Beverly Hills and many of LA’s popular beaches you are in a prime location and can enjoy all of the luxuries the Ritz Carlton of Marina Del Rey can offer.

ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-1 (16 of 20).jpg
ritz-carlton-marina-del-rey-1 (8 of 20).jpg

Hotel Overview | Featuring W Seattle

The-W-Seattle (1 of 1).jpg

The W Hotels always have the best vibes, interior décor, and amenities, but the modern feel to the W Seattle Hotel was all sorts of amazing. They made me and my little man feel right at home from the very beginning. Even though he was all out of sorts because he's not necessarily a "city dog"... he found comfort in our cozy room!

W-Seattle-1 (1 of 1).jpg

The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Seattle with gorgeous views of the city, and in walking distance to restaurants, Seattle parks, and entertainment you can walk to just about anything your heart desires. 

The-W-Seattle-1 (1 of 1).jpg

The building itself feels like a piece of art with their most recent renovations, the culture of the city is brought to life within the hotel.

The-W-Seattle (9 of 10).jpg

Although, the amenities don’t end with the beautiful interior décor.  There are a variety of suite options, access to 24 hour room service, a fully equipped gym, and full pet amenities.

The-W-Seattle (10 of 10).jpg

Hemingway was a happy guy here on his stay with us at this swanky location! He was extra happy that he got to enjoy time with us in the living room area where we could have drinks and bites and have him with us. 

The-W-Seattle (7 of 10).jpg
The-W-Seattle-5 (1 of 1).jpg

The W Seattle has a wonderful scene within the hotel as well in their lounge and bar called the Living Room, which has a modern swanky vibe.

The-W-Seattle (8 of 10).jpg

They also have an award-winning restaurant, Trace, which offers a variety of delicious seasonal dishes.

The-W-Seattle-7 (1 of 1).jpg

With all sorts of amazing accommodations at the W Seattle you will feel refreshed by the mix of relaxation and culture of the Seattle scene that you can enjoy at your stay at the W Seattle.  

The-W-Seattle (1 of 10).jpg

We can't wait to visit this beautiful location again!

The-W-Seattle (4 of 10).jpg
The-W-Seattle-8 (1 of 1).jpg
The-W-Seattle (2 of 10).jpg
The-W-Seattle-10 (1 of 1).jpg

Hotel Overview | Featuring Willow's Lodge

Hotel Overview | Featuring Willow's Lodge

I recently had the opportunity to stay at Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Washington. Willows Lodge is truly such an amazing and magical place and the property is so beautiful. It’s located on five lush acres that border the Sammamish River in West Washington’s wine country. Willows Lodge makes every effort to be the most relaxing getaway. Each guest room and suite has a gorgeous fireplace and soaking tub designed for two and the exterior of the lodge is so green and beautiful.