Happy Egg Co. Heritage Breed


This post is sponsored by Happy Egg Co. All opinions are my own. 

Feeding my family nutritious food is a no-brainer. I love teaching Nixon about the healthiest and freshest options when it comes to eating! Heritage Breed eggs by Happy Egg are some of the freshest eggs I've ever tasted! But equally important is the sustainability of our foods. Happy Egg thrives under natural conditions and come from several small family farms throughout Missouri and Arkansas. 

Their farms have over 8 acres of green pasture for their hens to enjoy every day. This makes me so happy, there's actually a video of their hens living their lives! 


I love how exceptionally healthy these beautiful blue and brown eggs are for you too! Super high protein, with B2, D, B12, B6, zinc, iron, and copper. I have to be honest here, I eat a lot of eggs because they're so easy to make, so it's just a major bonus that they're so amazingly good for you too! Healthier, and easier just tastes better in my opinion!  


I love the various colors of the Heritage Breed eggs! They will make great centerpieces on Easter, because I really don't have time to dye Easter Eggs. These are the perfect solution! 

Most people aren't used to seeing the rich amber yolks that these Happy Eggs produce, but I learned a long time ago that the richer the yolk, the fresher the egg! While capturing photos for this blog post my husband literally had to stop everything and eat the egg. He was drooling! 


The beautiful and unique coloring of the shells come from two distinct breeds of birds. The beautiful pastel blue egg is laid by the Speckled Legbar and the deep, chocolate brown egg is laid by the Copper Maran. 

Before moving to Arizona, I used to buy my fresh eggs down the road from my house at the San Francisco Farmers Market. Now, it's as easy as running to Sprouts! Find your eggs here