The Mushroom Coffee Fad


I am sure many of you have seen the new “mushroom coffee” or skin products. At first it is scary or you probably thought “that sounds so terrible” but what if I told you there are so many benefits and it is actually pretty delicious.

One of the main benefits of mushroom coffee are its anti-inflammatory effects. For those with auto immune diseases, or those who just follow an anti-inflammatory diet this is such a little savior. Those anti-inflammatory properties also lead to anti-aging (yes please), and anti-tumor properties as well. This puts your risk for disease at a lower rate.

This coffee promotes weight loss. Who doesn’t love the idea of just having some coffee and losing the pounds? I do! This coffee increases your metabolism which in return uses more energy in your body to digest food and break down fat deposits.

Healthy heart, as we age one of the concerns that comes with older age is heart problems. This coffee supports a healthy cardiovascular system. It promotes healthy blood flow while lowering the oxygen rate to the heart.

Less acidity, after experiencing heartburn while pregnant I don’t think I would wish that on my worst enemy. Mushroom coffee has less acids in it than a normal cup of joe, meaning no heart burn and no upset stomach.

Immune support, this is huge in my everyday life. But ever since having a little one I want to stay healthy to keep her health as well. So anything that will make my immune system stronger is a good thing in my book. It has tons of antioxidants which helps improve the immune cells in our bodies.

And if you have ever wanted a midday coffee but stopped yourself at the thought of being up all night, then this coffee is for you. It has less caffeine than traditional coffee, meaning you can sip on it all day long and not be completely wired when you go to lay your head on the pillow.

So don’t let the thought of mushrooms scare you, because you will only benefit from this magic drink, and it tastes so yummy too! You can get yours here!