5 Things You Need On Any Travel Itinerary


Traveling can be messy and chaotic sometimes, that is why I typically like to have a plan. Not a strict minute by minute schedule, but a vague idea of what I will be doing. Plus it saves time and stress. Some people may only plan on places they want to eat, or stay. Not getting the most out of their travel.

That is why I created a list of categories that everyone should keep in mind when planning their next vacay. This list is not specific to what to do but topics to get anyone started.

  1. Stay. Yes it is important for obvious reasons to know where you will be sleeping and showering for the weekend. But besides a bed and door you should look for more. Look for a place that is easy to get from place to place, or that is by some of the big points you want to hit, or if you are like me look for a place that has a good spa, lol.

  2. Food. No matter where you are going you need a great restaurant lineup. In fact, the eats are probably one of my most favorite parts of travel! You get to try something new, get a new experience, and see what the nightlife is like in the city you are visiting. Make sure it is in tune with what you like and what you want to spend.

  3. Culture. You can find a lot of culture in food yes, but for the best experience make sure you research what the locals do. Walk the local farmers market, experience a community art show, go to a museum. Not only are these entertaining, but inspiring and you always learn a thing or two.

  4. Coffee and cocktails. Highly recommend scoping out some of the best spots for your caffeine and liquor fix. That way you have a pick me up in the mornings and before dinner.

  5. Shopping. If you’re a big shopper on vacay and don’t want the boring stores you are used to at home, then look up the best rated boutique shopping. This way you also are supporting local businesses and the items you find are even more unique.