Restaurant Overview | Featuring Hearth '61 at Mountain Shadows Resort


I recently partnered with BumbleBFF and Mountain Shadows Resort to host a girl’s staycation in Paradise Valley, Arizona. As part of the staycation, Mountain Shadows Resort hosted us for dinner at their premier resort restaurant, Hearth ‘61. Hearth ‘61 offers fine dining and a full bar within the most relaxing atmosphere. Dining there was such an amazing experience! The restaurant has amazing mountainside views, as well as views of the resort’s pool. The kitchen is open so guests are welcomed and encouraged to observe their food being prepared with fresh ingredients and time-honored cooking styles.

When the girls and I got to the restaurant and started to peruse the menu, we were amazed at how many delicious dinner options there were. Everything sounded so good, it was so hard to choose! Luckily, Hearth ‘61 has an amazing and knowledgeable staff who helped us navigate the menu. It was so fun getting to spend time with my girls and enjoy a lengthy and relaxing dinner! We were there for a while, and it was so nice. Not only did we get to catch up and spend time with one another, but we also got to do it while enjoying so many delicious dishes.


We got to sip on the best cocktails while sharing several of Hearth ‘61’s amazing appetizers. My favorite appetizer of the evening was definitely the Warm Duck Confit. This dish was served with smoked potato, caramelized fennel, candied pecan and noble crostini. So pretty much everything I love. For my main dish, I got the Moroccan Spiced Rack of Lamb served with preserved lemon and mint. It was so good! I couldn’t believe how well all of the different flavors in the dish went together.


The girls and I also got to share several side dishes. It was so fun getting to try all of the different dishes that Hearth ‘61 had to offer. Everything tasted so amazing, it was really hard to share! My fave side was definitely the Thyme-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes. They were served with yummy chive butter and I couldn’t stop reaching for a little bit more! This was definitely one of the sides that got eaten up so quickly.


Of course, we were so stuffed by the end of eating all of these delicious dishes! However, you can’t expect a bunch of girls to say no to dessert, right?! So, naturally, we got one of every dessert to share, ha! Again, we were impressed. Each dessert was amazing, but I definitely loved the Brioche Bread Pudding the most. I didn’t think that I would, because I’m not typically a bread pudding type of gal… but it was amazing. It was topped with brown butter ice cream and whiskey caramel! Need I say more?


Basically, we had the BEST time dining at Hearth ‘61 and I am totally coming back the next chance I get. I am so thankful that BumbleBFF and Mountain Shadows Resort allowed us to have this amazing experience! It’s so nice to get to bond with my girl gang and have a break from all of our crazy, chaotic lives!


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Photo Credit: Alyssa Ryan Photography