Pool Party! | Featuring BumbleBFF x Hermosa Inn


Cute and comfy cabanas, girl talk, sangria, chips & guac, and pool time!! We had all of these AMAZING things plus so much more when we partnered with BumbleBFF and the Hermosa Inn to throw the cutest pool party last week! It was so fun!! In case you find yourself wondering why I have been partnering with BumbleBFF lately, you may have missed my last blog post about it, so click here if you need to catch up! Otherwise, keep reading because you won’t want to miss hearing about our second BumbleBFF event!! The Hermosa Inn really pulled out all the stops for us by providing us with cute private cabanas, poolside chips & guac and sangria! PLUS, Bumble showered us with so much cute swag, it was totally the event of the season!!


Okay, first, let’s talk about the guacamole. I’m seriously dedicating this whole paragraph to talking about it. Not only was the guacamole so good, but it was customizable! The Hermosa Inn had a chef out by the pool mixing our guacamole together with all of our favorite mix-ins, like cranberries, nuts and other fun ingredients. They gave us these little plates to hold our chips and guac... until they overheard us talking about how there wasn't enough room on our plates for all the chips we wanted (LOL leave it to us to need bigger plates to satisfy our cravings) SO, they literally brought out bags for us to hold our chips in so that the little plates could be solely dedicated to the guac. Seriously, who else accommodates a bunch of hungry girls like that? The Hermosa Inn (and their guacamole) is the best!


Bumble also gave us the cutest floaties and beach balls to play with. We were so crazy, and we had so much fun! Must have been all of the sangria and guacamole LOL. Seriously, the whole night was so fun! And okay, the weather was even good! Come on, when does that happen in the summer in Phoenix?? We are in monsoon season so I guess we got lucky. It was actually cool and a little windy out, we were loving it! The only sad part was when it was time for the bar to close and for us to go home! We all wanted to stay all night and sleep on the floaties in the pool, ha! I'm honestly so happy that BumbleBFF gives us opportunities like this to have some girl time and get to meet some new friends!!

If you love meeting new friends and taking part in fun events like this one, contact me here! We are always looking for local bees to come be our new BFF!

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Photo Credit: Jacqueline Trevino