Hotel Overview | Featuring Hotel Valley Ho



Who doesn’t love a good staycation?? I know I do, and Hotel Valley Ho knows how to do it right! Hotel Valley Ho is mid-century modern and contemporary hotel located in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. It is such an interesting hotel because of its unique architectural design and historical roots. John B. Mills, Robert Foehl and his wife Evelyn, opened the hotel way back in 1956 and built the hotel with the belief that “the important thing is to make your guest feel wanted” and from experience I can tell you that they still take that belief seriously today!


Something else really cool about this hotel is that it was the celebrity hotspot back in the day. Seriously. Bing Crosby, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Zsa Zsa Gabor and more all stayed here because the paparazzi wouldn’t follow them to Scottsdale! The hotel has gone through some changes in the past but when they reopened in 2005, this mid-century hotel added some gems to the hotel like the OH Pool, the VH Spa, and ZuZu. The hotel is now at it’s prime!!


There are two pools at Hotel Valley Ho so there is plenty of space to hang out poolside. The OH Pool offers specials like Rose All Day Fridays (genius idea), Session Saturdays (hang
out poolside in a cute cabana, with DJ beats and cocktails), and Recovery Sundays (a brunch, spa and pool package that I highly recommend)! The VH Spa at the hotel is also incredible.

They specialize in beauty, health, wellness and fitness. They offer nail, makeup and waxing services as well as skin care services and massage and spa packages. There is also a 24 hour fitness center with state of the art equipment. They even offer yoga classes here, which I think is so cool! They have seriously thought of every way to help their guests relax. ZuZu is the hotel’s restaurant and it is so good! They have really good food and yummy cocktails, and you get to enjoy it in the cutest atmosphere. The restaurant even has a Rooftop Beer Garden event where guests can enjoy brews and scenic views on the rooftop of the hotel! Seriously, does it get any better than this??


Hotel Valley Ho is also one of the cutest hotels to stay at! The rooms in the tower are designed as light and bright havens with amazing views of Camelback Mountain or the OH Pool
and Downtown Scottsdale. The bathrooms are so luxurious and there is free wifi! Not only is this hotel a cool place to stay and hang out, but they offer so many different types of packages and deals to help you find your perfect stay at a good price. Did I mention there’s no resort fee??


This is such a big deal because most resorts charge a daily fee aside from regular stay prices. These extra fees really add up, so I seriously appreciate that Hotel Valley Ho does not charge this fee! There’s also a lot of really fun stuff to do that’s close to the hotel such as hiking, art museums, golf clubs and more. Hotel Valley Ho is always hosting events right at the hotel that you will not want to miss. They offer chef’s table events, pool parties, history tours and happy hour! So don’t miss out, because a stay at Hotel Valley Ho is definitely the perfect summer getaway that you have been waiting for!!


Hotel Valley Ho sponsored this stay.