Outerwear Trends | NYFW 2017

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO excited for sweater weather. I love getting cozy in cute winter clothes and cuddling with a blanket and some hot tea. Fall is totally upon us so I am doing a little outfit prepping. Luckily, while I was at New York Fashion Week last month I got a ton of cold weather outfit inspo. This year’s outerwear trends are all about being cute and cozy and I’m here for it. Some of my favorite chilly weather trends that I saw at NYFW were oversized sweaters, destroyed sweaters, the classic trench coat, faux fur jackets, and of course, black leather jackets. Read below for more info on each of my fave trends:

  1. Oversized Sweaters - This is definitely a classic in my book. Nothing says cozy like something soft and oversized. Plus they are perfect for days when you just want to be casual and comfortable. I love to pair these kinds of sweaters with a cute pair of jeans and some booties. Definitely an easy and classic look for fall.
  2. Destroyed Sweaters - Okay, these are definitely a new favorite look of mine. I love the little casual distressing in them. These were all over Fashion Week so I know they are going to be everywhere this fall. Again, this type of sweater pairs perfectly with jeans and booties, or even sneakers. Pro tip: go for destroyed sweaters that are in neutral colors. They will go with everything and they will still look classy even with the distressing! Here’s a fave of mine.
  3. Classic Trench Coats - This is definitely an investment piece that everyone should have in their closet. I just love this look! I was already a fan of this trend, but with summer in full force in Phoenix I kind of forgot about my love for these coats. Thankfully, NYFW totally reminded me how perfect they are. I LOVE that they make every outfit adorable without even trying. Seriously, no effort necessary, just throw on your trusty trench coat and you’re good to go. It’s still a little too warm to be rocking these in Phoenix, but I’m looking forward to winter to rock this look.
  4. Faux Fur Jackets - This is probably the coziest of them all. So chic and so comfy, pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than this. This is another trend that I adore in neutral colors. The fur is a bold statement so if you’re looking to even the look out, neutral colors could be the way to go. I also love these just a tad oversized to emphasize the comfort factor, don’t worry the look stays chic! Here’s a cute one that is similar to what I saw at fashion week.
  5. Black Leather Jackets - Okay, here we are at an all time favorite of mine. These are so classic and so chic. They go with pretty much any outfit and can give you so many different types of looks depending on what you wear with it. Jeans, pants, skirts, booties, boots, sneakers, etc! You can have it all with this type of jacket. This one is one of my faves.