Accessory Trends | NYFW 2017


A constant trend at NYFW this year was definitely on point accessorizing. I'm so obsessed with all of the cute head wear, sunglasses, and jewelry that I saw at Fashion Week. My fave accessory that I spotted in New York was the cutest oversized sun hat in black from Christian Siriano. I love it so much because it goes with literally any outfit. It can be matched with a super casual outfit on a sunny day, or can go with a nicer outfit in the evening to add some dramatic flare. Either way, I'm in love, so I will definitely be linking that hat down below in my list.

There were so many new and different accessories being showcased on the runway and they were all so stunning. However, I wanted to narrow it down and pick some faves for you guys to read up on! So here's my top five fave accessories from NYFW:

  1. Bold Hats - Let's start with the perfect sun hat I was telling you guys about! It's from Christian Siriano's line and it's absolutely perfect. So of course, I went on the hunt and here is one that is pretty similar that you guys can get your hands on right now! Another type of hat style that frequented the runway would be bold colored hats. Seriously, hats of all kinds were welcome as long as they came in a show stopping color. I love this trend because you can add a bold colored hat to any neutral colored outfit and it will really finish the look.
  2. Dangly Floral Earrings - This next trend is a favorite of mine because they are so delicate and pretty! I was really sold on these earrings when I saw a model with gorgeous wavy brown hair wearing them. The flowers hung low enough that they looked like they were in her hair and it was so cute. This one is very similar and is a favorite of mine because it is neutral in color. I'm a big fan of neutral colors because they match with everything. However, bold colored earrings are super cute too and can jazz up any outfit instantly!
  3. Silk Head Wraps - Um, aren't these perfect for bad hair days? Not only are they cute, but this accessory can totally make your hair look polished without taking a ton of time to style it. I'm a huge fan of skipping style days because I generally style my hair with heat! As you probably already know, constant heat styling can be really damaging to your hair. So I'm all for giving my hair a break. Plus, these hair wraps are made of silk and silk is super good for your hair. Here's a cute one that I'm loving right now.
  4. Geometric Earrings - Dainty geometric earrings were totally in back in 2012-2013. Well, the geometric earrings that I'm talking about are not those dainty earrings from 2012! These are big, bold geometric earrings, that make a statement. I'm sensing a pattern... NYFW 2017 was definitely all about bold statement pieces and I love it! I saw this style of earrings in so many shows and I think they are so cute! I would totally pair these with a simple dress or a casual outfit like jeans and a t-shirt. Here's a super cute pair that is similar to what I saw at Fashion Week.
  5. Statement Sunglasses - Here's another statement piece that was super popular at NYFW this year. I'm talking lots of extravagant and oversized pieces. My favorite pairs were the ones in black. I think black sunglasses will always be a favorite because they are so classic and they match well with everything! Here's a cute pair that I love and saw pretty much everywhere in New York!