My New Studio | Details | Designed By The LifeStyled Company


Now that I’ve had some time to really let my new home redesign by The LifeStyled Company sink in, my only regret is not getting my office redesigned sooner! It’s crazy what a difference having the right space to work in makes.

Not only is my office now spacious and organized, but it’s also so on brand. Working in this environment has really helped my creativity flow and I truly feel so inspired every time I sit down to work.


The LifeStyled Co really knows how to make a space feel BIG. Prior to the design, the room was not small, but all of the space wasn’t being used as efficiently as possible.

Now my office has a nook for my desk, a sitting area for guests and even a space for all of our lighting equipment. Even with all of this put into one room, they still managed to make the studio so spacious, well curated and minimalistic.


The company really took the time to get to know me and my style. Just shortly after expressing how I wanted the rooms to look, they sent over their design plans and they were perfect. It’s crazy how everything I wanted and MORE was brought to life.

Every piece that they sourced for the office was not only completely my style, but it was also all so high quality.


The Troy Lighting hanging from the ceiling, my Article sofa and the metal clothes hanging rack from MetalWorksAT are some of my favorite high-quality elements in the room.

A quality redesign was very important to me because I wanted these new rooms to serve us well for a very long time, and The LifeStyled Co definitely brought this element to the table.


The overall look they have created for this room is a timeless style that will look both modern and sophisticated in my home for years to come.

I would definitely recommend The LifeStyled Co to anyone who is looking to undergo a home redesign of their own. Click here to learn more about their services.

For a full run-down on our home redesign click here.


Photos by Amaes Photography.

This post was sponsored by The LifeStyled Co. All thoughts and opinions are my own.