10 Kitchen Swaps To A Healthier You


The kitchen is one of my many happy places. For obvious reasons the food it has to offer but for not so obvious reasons this is a place to create and really be in my element. Nutritious and organic can be delicious. As well as easy, swapping out a few things here and there for raw and natural ingredients, not only will make a difference in the taste of your food, but can alter your healthy, mood, and energy levels.

So I have put together a list of ten different ways you can switch up your food, and only gain good things while doing so. So grab a pen and the nearest piece of paper, because I promise, you will be running to the store to grab these hot items.

  1. Milk is a product that is used almost on the daily in most households. But it is no secret with millennials making almond milk lattes go viral, that regular cow’s milk is a no go. Not to bring cow’s milk totally down, it is great for developmental purposes. It has proteins, Vitamin D, and calcium that all correlate within growing kids and teens and even pregnant women. However it is high in saturated fats and sugars.

    The good thing about the world always evolving, is there are SO many alternatives to milk now. You have so many options, it is just a matter of picking the best one. I would recommend almond, coconut, or oat milk as a substitute. They all have good sources of vitamins such as A and D, fiber, and are lower in calories. These have very similar tastes to cow’s milk, and the same consistency, making cooking easy, healthy, and tasteful.
  2. Oil is for sure a cooking need. You make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even baked goods typically need a source of oil. And as well as olive oil works, coconut oil, can do just the same if not better. It can raise your good cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides which lowers the risk for heart disease. Not to mention coconut oil has MCT’s (medium-chain-triglycerides ) which quickly metabolize and turn into energy.
  3. Salt, you just cannot live without salt. But a healthier upgrade to this sodium driven grain would be Pink Himalayan Salt. Not only is it the purest salt you can find but PHS is only 87%  sodium chloride, compared to the 99.9 % table salt can be. PHS has also been known to balance the body’s pH, improve digestion, a better sleep inducer, improve respiratory problems, all while being an air purifier.
  4. Straws, everything tastes better with a straw. But knowing that these plastic disposable straws are harming our environment I just can’t use them anymore. So I have recently switched over to these sustainable straws, and am loving them, also love knowing there will be a few less straws in the ocean.
  5. Compotes, not jams or jelly. Boy do I love a Saturday morning with pancakes on the menu. They are even better with a berry flavored compote on top! Compotes are less in sugar than jelly’s and jam’s, very wholesome ingredients, and super easy to whip up. In my opinion a good compote tastes WAY better, and the best part is you are not limited to just pancakes. Compotes work well on waffles, french toast, regular toast, with oatmeal or yogurt, on desserts, the options really are endless and delicious.
  6. Grains, now staying on my favorite topic of pancakes, you can also do these better than before. With whole grains, simply switching your everyday flour to a whole wheat will add so many grains to your diet. Fiber is also going to be included in this delicious treat.
  7. Collagen, this can replace gelatin for cooking and baking. But it can also be added to many things for beneficial reasons. Add to your coffee, green smoothie, or infused water for gut health, glowing skin, joint and bone health, and better sleep. Some of my fave collagen add ins here.
  8. Eggs, cage free of course. Not only is it better for the chickens, but free range eggs have twice the amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Three times more Vitamin E, and less saturated fat.
  9. Sparkling water, so many flavors and brands. La Croix, Spindrift, San Pellegrino, they all have such a crisp taste without the guilt. The great thing about these is they can be enjoyed on their own or swapped out in any cocktail recipe for a guilt free buzz. No sugars, calories, or aspartame!
  10. Honey, such a great alternative to sugary additives. I use honey in so many things it has just become a part of me. In my coffee, tea, recipes, it really is the jack of all trades in the kitchen. Lower in sugars, can lower triglycerides, and improve cholesterol, and had beneficial antioxidants.  Plus if you find a local honey it helps with allergies! My go to honey is here.