Meet Cabe


Meeting Cabe is to meet the purest form of compassion and love. Whether it’s his happy dance impressive for a 70 lb dog with a lion-like stature, or his immediate kisses, you feel at peace and yet energized. Five years ago, Cabe was a puppy abandoned on our front door, sitting inside a cooler looking for a home. Finding a family quickly, Cabe was unfortunately returned after 5 years due to his family having to move (cooler not included). Even with such a precarious past, Cabe harbors no ill will and loves everyone he meets, unconditionally.

In his life, Cabe doesn’t only ask for calm, he requires it. Cabe suffers from Addison’s Disease, an adrenal gland disorder easily controlled through a simple medication. This only dictates Cabe’s life in one way; he must live a calm and happy life. Overexcitement can exacerbate his disease, so an effort must be made to keep a calming environment; something we all strive for in our daily lives. Walks and play time are absolutely vital to his happiness and he enjoys them thoroughly (especially with his cat friends), but Hollywood premieres and whitewater rafting may be less his choice of venue.


Amazing with dogs and cats alike, Cabe will flourish in a home that embraces his goofy, mellow nature. And most importantly, accepts that there is no weight limit for lap dogs and couch stealers. Cabe is living with his best human friend until he finds his “furrever” family, but he can be reached at You can also follow his adventures on his facebook page “Adopt A Dog Named Cabe."


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