Classic Spin on a Tropical/Boho Bridal Shower


Earlier in the week, Los Angeles was having some pretty extreme and unusual weather. I had been planning this Bridal Shower at an outside venue for some time. Thankfully, LA cleared up that day and we had the usual 70-degree temps, an occasional wind gust, and sunshine. It was beautiful.

Hosting parties has always been one of my favorite things to do. I love all of the planning and details that go into it. I love to get creative when possible with decor and cocktails and even food. I've had the honor of planning two of my best friend's bridal showers over the last three years and I've learned a lot. The most important thing I've learned is that Pinterest is for inspiration ONLY. Don't try to copy an exact look, because that will stress you out! Most of the beautiful things I wanted to copy on Pinterest were just photos. They don't link you to the products or tell you how to find them. There's also a TON of DIY on Pinterest and sadly, I think some of the directions are just LYING. So get inspiration from Pinterest, and then run your own little fairytale vision. 

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I want to thank Core for sending us lots of delicious organic drinks. I used those for our Mimosa bar and supplemented with Healthade Kombucha in the Apple flavor. We had berries for garnish!

So after all my frustration with Pinterest, I wanted to make sure you knew exactly where to get everything you see here. Everything that goes into it, and everything that is NOT DIY.

I wish I had more time to spend on things like this. When event planning was my job, I could go all out. I miss those days (but only sometimes). 


Let's start with the dried greenery! I had a hard time finding the exact tropical-like plants that I wanted. And even though these weren't what I was envisioning, they worked and I was happy with the outcome. I found a combination of them on Amazon and


The guest book was a beautiful cork-covered photo book I picked up. I'm going to print all the beautiful photos and stuff them in the book for a keepsake for the bride. The guest-gifts were bath bombs from Lush; my obsession. All these are linked down below.


The beautiful and delicious cake was from a little place in Studio City, Ca called Big Sugar Bake Shop. They did such a great job and were so pleasant to work with. 


I rented two long tables and used other tables from home. Lots of greenery and tropical plants with a touch of rose and tulip to class it up a bit. Then I ran a long burlap table runner down the center. 


I printed all signage on!


And obviously, we ended the night with Década Tequila Shots!

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