Hotel Indigo DTLA | Hotel Overview


A few weeks ago I packed my little family up and made the little trek from Phoenix to LA in hopes of escaping the heat. We love LA. Mostly because it's where we met back in 2010 and also where we lived during our peak party years. Lots of memories from that time and friends that are family to this day. Los Angeles is such a complex city and it's only gotten better since we moved away. Downtown was not really a place you visited back in 2010. It was ok, but definitely up-and-coming. Now, it's booming. It's the hottest part of LA with amazing restaurants and night life on every corner. It's lively and most importantly, safer than ever. 

We had the pleasure of visiting Hotel Indigo last year in NYC. It was only for one night though on our way back from Paris. We fell in love with the brand there and now we search them out when we travel. 

Hotel Indigo DTLA is the newest and hottest hotel in downtown LA! This hotel is not just some generic modern high-rise... there is a Los Angeles 1920's reference in every detail of the design.


It is THE place to stay if you're going to be downtown. It exceeded our expectations in every way. Hotel Indigo was so nice to host us in this beautiful corner suite that overlooked LAKERS territory. 

hotel-indigo-dtla-rooms-12 (1 of 1).jpg

Did you know that there is a secret tunnel system under Downtown LA that serviced the city’s speak-easy's during Prohibition? Ask the concierge about touring the tunnels and they can set you up with tour options! We didn't have time but plan on doing that when we get back.

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The room felt like Hollywood. The bathroom felt like New York City. This hotel is such a great combination of West Coast & East Coast. So swanky, so chic. No detail left unturned. Impressed.


The best part about the bathroom was obviously the bathtub view and the Jonathan Adler products. Two sinks, and two mirrors with a giant counter top and bonus bottom shelf was like CHRISTMAS for this over-packing blogger. 

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The lobby is such a beautiful greeting. The ceilings are high with beautiful chandeliers and DTLA historical references. Ask the hotel for a tour and have them describe each detail. It's fascinating!

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Hemingway had plenty of room to pl... nap. We use the Rover service when we travel because he's not great by left alone in a new environment. Here's $20 off!

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The gym was the perfect size and had everything you need to get through a full body workout. 

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Dining and drinking in this hotel is a treat. There's an enclosed rooftop bar and a bar & restaurant in the lobby area. But don't skimp on room service. The room is cozy AF -- so make sure to slip on a robe and chill ALL DAY.

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We had a wonderful stay at Hotel Indigo and can't wait to make the trip back!


Hotel Indigo gave me a complimentary stay but all opinions are my own.