Healthy Pet Guide


Okay so as you know I recently became a mom this Summer. But that was to a human baby… I have been a mom for the past year to my first baby, Hemingway. And if you knew me you know that I am a class A helicopter mom (I can’t help it).

Hemingway was great practice, he definitely help me find my own parenting likes and dislikes. Also the way that I personally like things (healthy, clean, organic, organized ). Ya know those type of things? It is a bit hard NOT to be a hovering momma.

I am not going to be the mom that follows my kids to every party and has to drop by the school everyday, (well at least I don’t think I will be). But I do want to make sure they’re always safe and healthy.

In the long run, being a but overprotective can really mean getting the best care. And because of people like me, I make it easier on the ones who just want a quick fix or idea. So I am here to give you just that on a guide to treating your pretty pups and pets in the healthiest way.

As humans we are so careful as to what we are putting in our bodies. So why shouldn’t it be the same for our beloved pets? I buy Hemingway’s food from The Farmer’s Dog. It is homemade, fresh, and delivered food. It is also specially packaged to ensure your pup is getting the right nutrients and calories each and every day.

Skin as we know is the largest and most sensitive organ, I use organic soap to bathe Hemingway and he gets cleaned on a regular basis keeping him fresh and free of any unwanted germs.

We also brush his teeth regularly to for a healthy mouth. Dogs can build up plaque which can result in gum disease and other complications just as humans can, so it is important to create a healthy mouth by brushing often. Plus it helps with the dog breath! Here is my fave vegan dog toothpaste, and some doggy toothbrushes.

And lastly lots of love, and play time, which is definitely not hard to do when they are so cute.