Sakara Life Review


As you guys all know, eating healthy has always been a top priority for me. I want to nourish my body with only the best, but sometimes, I don’t have the time or energy to prepare these types of meals.

That’s why I love Sakara Life. Sakara Life is a meal delivery service that’s comprised of only the most quality and healthful foods.

They source all of their ingredients from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practices.

The Sakara Life meal delivery program is based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense, and delicious ingredients.

The following nutritional pillars form the basis of every meal: no calorie counting, plant protein, eat your water, greens, good fats, eat the rainbow, nutrient density, sulfur-rich veggies and body intelligence.

These pillars definitely align with how I like to eat and how I’ve been eating for years, but now with Sakara Life it is easier than ever before to eat this way.

Within 48 hours of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients arriving at their kitchens, my meals are on their way to me, packed in chic, eco-friendly cooler bags or boxes.

I know you guys are going to be OBSESSED with Sakara Life just like I am. Click here to try them out and make sure to use my discount code REF_CANDICE15 for 15% off!