Fave Hair & Makeup Trends | Summer 2017


This weather is not the only thing that's hot this summer! Here's my fave hot summer beauty trends:

1. Weathered Makeup

Sun kissed, bronzed and dewy skin always makes it’s comeback every Summer season. Add a subtle, natural glow to skin, without the oily appearance by only highlighting the highest points of the face such as under the browbone, inner corner of eyes, cheek bones, tip of the nose, and cupids bow. With all this highlight, add a strong contour to balance your look, and give more dimension on the face. Use a cool toned bronzer to add depth to the cheekbones, the nose and jawline.

2. Sunset Eye Shadow

This trend is all about reflecting sunshine on the eyes! Who doesn’t love using warm hues on the eyes for summer time?! Use a bright orange, gold or yellow hue on the lid and in the crease of the eyes for a sultry summer look, with a glowing pop of color that enhances your natural beauty. Find colors that complement the tone of your skin, hair and eyes. Warm shades like copper, gold, yellow, tangerine, and peach are all bold embellishments that will accentuate the eyes.

3. Lightened and Feathered Brows and Over-Lined lips

Summer is all about lightening up your makeup look, and the best place to start are the brows! Go for a little lighter shade that you normally use to fill in your eyebrows, which will subtly frame your face and give an appearance of natural fullness to the brows. Over-lining lips is always a nice trick to imitate plump and voluptuous lips, but it’s important to use a shade lighter or similar to the natural color of your lips. Overdrawn lips with shades darker than your lips will make your lips look naturally full, and it’s important to slightly over-line the cupids bow, add dimension into the outer corners and the middle of the bottom lip so your lips don’t look wide.

4. Bright Eyes and Bold Lips

Make your lips the statement of your look by keeping your eyes bare and minimal, with a daring and bold shade on the lips. This will instantly brighten your face and complexion, and a polished appearance. Try bright and summery hues in red, orangey reds, orange, bright coral! Pastel lips are always the perfect yet subtle statement lip, try purple, lilac, or a soft pink.

5. The "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Keep makeup on the skin simple,fresh, and clean! Every Summer season, less is more. It’s understandable when the heat can be unbearable, try using concealer in the places your really need it, while keeping face makeup bare and bronzed. A hot trend this Summer is having skin bare and matte, with a glossy and reflective eyelids, which gives a youthful appearance to the face! Try adding a little Vaseline to the lids for a shiny and reflective look.

6. Monochrome

According to this Refinery29 article, coordinating eye shadow on your cheeks, lips, and clothing is a hot trend for summer 2017! This is a simple way to use one color to flatter your overall look! Try using a color that compliments your skin tone. Use either taupe, beige, brown, or pink shades that are all within the same color family.

7. Buttery and Smudged Makeup

It’s hard to stay cool and neat in the Summertime- we all have been there and it is totally fine! Go for the warm yellows and golds, use gold or bronze highlighter on the cheeks and shimmering shadows on the eyes for that buttery summer time goddess glow! This will give your skin the illuminated and golden appearance we all long for during the Summer, without damage from the sun. This look is seductive yet soft and will be flattering on everyone!

8. Metallic Eyes

Dramatic hues such as gray, navy blue, dark green are perfect to wear on a night out on the town. These colors are deep hues, without being so blunt like a black smokey eye. Use neutral shades on the crease to blend and melts the light into dark. Keep the drama to a minimum, only use these deep and dark shades on the lid blending the dark into the crease of your eye, so that it isn’t overpowering and a hot mess of a smokey eye,which isn’t always flattering on anyone.

9. Warm Nails

Nails are an important statement just as any, and these summertime hues will make your nails a statement piece on their own.  Warm hues are always popular in the summer such as deep oranges,coppers, rustic and dusty browns, mauve pink,and muted shades of green.

10. Fighting Oily Summer Hair

It’s hard to survive in the Summer by skipping washes and relying on dry shampoo. With the heat in full force, you’ll need to wash hair more frequently than in the Winter and Spring. Eliminate buildup of oil in the hair by using a clarifying shampoo and rinsing hair will apple cider vinegar. It’s important to cleanse our hair of oil and residue buildup, and a rinse of ACV will cut through gunk caused by oil and styling products. Try washing hair with a clarifying shampoo or a rinse of ACV once a month, so you’re eliminating building without drying  your hair out.

11. Drastic and blunt haircuts

Are you ready to make the cut? This summer is all about eliminating winter weight, and the best place to start is chopping off your hair for a dramatic style! Try a short bob that’s one layer, which is manageable and easy to style everyday! Not that daring? Lighten up hair by adding dimensional and long layers, which takes weight from your head without the drastic measure of a blunt cut.  

12. Pin Straight Hair

This Summer is all about having slick straight hair and if you’re up for using hot tools in the midst of summer,then give this trend a try! You can get pin straight hair by dividing the hair into small sections and use your straightener on the bottom layers, working towards the top to ensure all of the hair is perfectly straight. Having perfectly straight hair is always a hot look, try it in a slicked back and high pony tail for a dramatic yet simple style!

13. Wet curls

Remember the good ole scrunching hair days?! Looks like this trend is back, and this look is all about having undefined and natural curls fresh from wet hair, that dries to tamed and frizz free curls. Using a mousse on the hair is a common product to achieving this look, but this looks is also achievable with gel and hairspray. Use a dime sized amount of product and start lightly scrunching from the roots towards the ends of hair. For more defined curls, wrap small pieces of hair around the index finger, hold for a few seconds and drop the pieces where you want more definition.  

14. Accent Braids

I’m all about adding accents in the hair, and there are so many braids to try in your hairstyles this Summer. I love including micro braids, which are tight and small braids throughout layers in the hair. I think that these micro accent braids look the best in textured and tousled hair. I love the look of having effortless and loose pigtail braids, which are a simply and cute look on everyone. If you want to keep hair out of the face, try french braiding along your fringe for a style that will stay all night. Style Caster has ten cute ideas from YouTube, adding some fun twists to a traditional braided bun, which keeps your hair out of the way all day and is essential for staying cool on these hot days.