Party Chandelier | DIY


Have you ever seen a DIY party chandelier like this before?? Probably not, since this is sort of a hybrid DIY that I created based off of other ideas on Pinterest, ha! I was scrambling to throw a birthday party together last minute the other day when I started browsing Pinterest for party decor inspiration. I found cute pins for DIY wreaths and DIY chandeliers and both were so cute that I really couldn’t decide between the two! So I combined them! It has the cute flowers from a wreath but the form and flow of a chandelier! Best of both worlds, right?

When I was grabbing my materials at the craft store I was a little skeptical since I was going rogue LOL, (I typically follow Pinterest instructions to a T) but I really love my finished product! It’s also the easiest and quickest DIY I have EVER done. It’s such an awesome project because it’s cute and it’s versatile. I can store it away and bring it out for literally any occasion. I picked a banner that said a vague term so that I can use it for basically any sort of celebration. It looked so cute hanging over my dining room table during the party!

This is another very customizable DIY because you can change out the garland to have your fave flowers or to go with any occasion/holiday. Michael’s craft store always has a great selection of garlands that go with whatever season we’re currently in, and they also have basic ones with a variety of different flowers, so there’s lots of choices! Obviously, you can also use whatever banner you would like to attach to the chandelier so the options really are endless here. Seriously, no matter what your party’s theme is, you can make a chandelier to match!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Metal Wreath Hoop
  • 1 Artificial Garland
  • 1 Banner
  • Clear Tape
  • String

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Lay your metal hoop on a flat surface and lay your wreath on top of it so it is lining the circle the way you want it.
  2. Tape the base of the wreath to the metal hoop in various sections. I taped mine about every 6 inches. (I know what you’re thinking...tape?? Yes, tape! It’s so easy, it holds, and you can’t see that it’s tape holding it together because the wreath covers it all up.)
  3. Once you have the wreath secured onto the hoop, you can tie both ends of your banner to both sides of the metal hoop so that it hangs below it. Feel free to tie it around the hoop and the garland, this will just secure the garland in place even more.
  4. Lastly, cut two 24 inch pieces of string.Tie one string to both sides of the hoop, then turn the hoop 180 degrees and tie the other string to both sides of the hoop. This way when you hang the chandelier it will hang evenly!
  5. Hang your chandelier and admire your handy work! It’s going to be such a cute conversation piece at your next party!!