Flower Crate | DIY


I love having flowers around the house! They can really brighten up an entire space. Of course, fresh flowers are always preferable (especially when Trader Joe's or Whole Foods have Peonies in stock!). But sometimes, you just want some flowers that you can count on and that will look good even a month from when you set them out! That's where artificial flowers come in.

Okay, fake flowers are tricky because they get a bad reputation of looking cheap or tacky, but I
have found the secret! The secret is to shop quality flowers and only use them to make full bouquets because individually, they look sad. So really, invest a couple more dollars in quality fake flowers. I'd recommend skipping Walmart or the dollar store and going straight to a craft store, like Michael's.

Michael's has a great selection and the flowers are good quality! I also found my crate at
Michael's for like 3 dollars! I ended up lining the crate with some wrapping paper that I had
around the house because the gap in the middle exposed the flower stems and the styrofoam
that holds the flowers in place. You of course, can copy my wrapping paper trick to add a little
bit of customization to your crate, or you can just buy a crate without any gaps in it. Ha!

What You Need
-Fake Flowers
-Styrofoam Block
-Wire Cutters
-Optional: Wrapping Paper

To Do
1. While you're shopping for your materials, pick up your crate first so that you can bring it with
you to the styrofoam section and find exactly what size styrofoam block fits in your crate (Go
bigger if you can't find one that's the exact size because you can always cut the styrofoam to
fit). Then take your crate over to the flower section so that you can fill you crate with flowers and
see how many you need to make it look full.
2. When you get home, the first thing you will want to do is line your crate with wrapping paper.
Just trim it to fit and tape it in there. If your crate does not have any gaps, skip to step 3.
3. Pop your styrofoam block into your crate and wedge it in so it's not going anywhere. Trim the
block if needed.
4. Hold your flowers against the crate and decide what length you want your flowers to be. Trim your flowers accordingly.

5. Stick your flowers into the styrofoam and keep going until your crate is full and looks the way you like it!