DIY Flower Ice Cubes


Let’s be real, DIY Pinterest inspired projects can be hard sometimes! Everything on Pinterest is so pretty and magical, and sometimes the end result that you worked so hard on just isn’t as pretty or as magical as you had hoped.. But, really, guys! This one is SO easy and the end result is SO cute. It’s perfect for those parties that you have been planning for forever, or those parties you are throwing together in a day. It only requires 3 things, and they truly are household items! So without further adieu... Here’s how to make your own flower ice cubes!

You’ll need:

● Water

● Ice Cube Trays

● Flowers


Step 1: Trim your flowers. I used whole flowers, flower petals, and bulbs...but you can do it however you want!

Step 2: Fill ice cube trays half way with water.

Step 3: Add your flowers to the ice cube trays! The only rule here is put whole flowers in face down. Otherwise, do whatever you want! I did groups of 2 or 3 petals and then a bulb here and there to add a cute touch of green.

Step 4: Put the trays in the freezer and be patient for at least 30 minutes! You’re freezing the flowers in the ice cubes trays when they are only half filled so that the flowers stay in the middle of the ice cube instead of just floating to the top.

Step 5: After 30 minutes, take the trays out of the freezer and fill them the rest of the way with water and then put them back in the freezer!

Step 6: Within 6 hours or so the ice cubes should be completely frozen and ready to use! Enjoy!


Your party guests are going to be so impressed with your DIY skills.

PS: I used regular flowers from Trader Joe’s and they were not edible flowers so that is why they are perfect for something like keeping wine bottles cold in a cute chilling bucket. Also, If you’re going to put them in a wine chilling bucket then I would suggest filling the bucket 3⁄4 full with regular ice and then top it with the cute flower ice. This way you don’t spend hours making trays of flower ice cubes that you won’t even see at the bottom of the bucket. Also! If you happen to pick up some edible flowers or grow some of your own, you can use them in your water or cocktails and they will look super cute and add some really good flavor!