Boy or Girl? REVEALED!

16 week ultrasound

Guys, how hard can it be to find out what you're having? No, really... when we first found out we were pregnant we had so many people enlighten us to the fact that there was all this new technology "you can find out via blood test at 10 weeks" blah blah blah! This was never offered to us and when we asked about it, the time had already passed.

Given, we had a messy situation when it came to finding an OBGYN. Insurance hell....but that's another post. We found one we liked but our insurance changed at the beginning of the year and we were back to square one. Our insurance provider gave us a list of OB's in the area that take our insurance... but it turns out that it was a pretty outdated list. I did lots of research to put my own list together from their list... but every time I called an office, they would no longer take my (private) plan. Talk about major anxiety!

Until... I found EXACTLY what I was looking for in an OB.... on paper. The office was kind of unorganized from the beginning with long call waits just to schedule an appointment (like 30 minutes or longer) but I still wanted to try to make it work. Our original doctor had told us that we would be doing the anatomy ultrasound around the 16 week mark so we were excited for this visit because we thought we'd get to kill two birds with one stone. Finding out the sex of our baby and getting a new amazing OB in one day? Awesome. 


Well, we get to our appointment (Kevin takes off work) and the doctor is out for the day. But no one bothered to call and let us know. We were obviously upset but rescheduled anyway. LONG story short, we finally met her and SHE SUCKED. It was clear that she doesn't really care about her patients, almost immediately. Can I say this?? I get the feeling she's one of those "glorified drug dealer" doctors who just prescribes medicine to people and doesn't really care to find out what's wrong with them in the first place. She was rude to me when I asked her questions... things that I had a real concern about. She did not look at me when she was talking, instead looked at Kevin. Anyway, I do this a lot (ramble) but that is also another post.

SO At this point, I'm ready to say F it and just deliver the baby myself. How hard can it be? Except I'd really like to find out whether it's a boy or a girl so I can choose a name. LOL. (Maybe I can buy an ultrasound machine online?) So, I end up buying a finger prick test that my last OB recommended from Amazon. And I basically almost died.

Has anyone ever tried to do this to yourself? It's TORTURE. First of all, with the exception of me, it's all men in my home. You cannot, for any reason, let a male around the test. Dogs included. Yea, try that with a life size nosey dog walking around...

I finally get up the courage to prick my finger and literally nothing is coming out. I pride myself on how hydrated I stay, what is happening? I have this whole vial to fill and so far I have a little speckle of blood... this may take a while EXCEPT you have to fill the vial within three minutes of opening it. Cool. So I prick my finger again. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH BLOOD IN MY LIFE RUSH OUT OF ME. IT IS EVERYWHERE. I'm screaming for Kevin to come down stairs because I'm about to faint... Hemingway comes rushing down too... sniffing and licking and worried. I'm bleeding all over the place and trying to just get the vial closed before I pass out. Kevin grabs a sucker and doses me and I'm back to life. I overnight the test and I get an email the next day that we will have results in 8 hours. OMG SO EXCITED. Literally five minutes later another email...


This is a joke right? Do they know how hard I worked on that? Moving on....

SO FINALLY My sister-in-law tells me about these ultrasound clinics that exist primarily to find out the sex of your baby. Why in the world didn't any of my OB's tell me about these places? Well, we found another OB and in the meantime took a little visit to an ultrasound clinic. This was the best office visit experience we've had thus far. 

She pulls up Baby Tseng on the monitor and we can't believe how fast (it) has grown since the last time we got to see (it). BUT apparently it's nap time and the baby does NOT want to move. I was getting so sad that we would be rushed out before finding out, but the tech was so helpful and patient with us. So I'm basically doing gymnastics all over the room trying to wake the baby up and move from the position it's in because at this point, its legs are crossed and we can't see. When she finally uncrosses her legs we see that it's... empty. "Congratulations, it's a girl and she has really long legs".  AND she was sucking her thumb!! Cutest thing ever. Now finally we can have some balance in this house.

We could not be more excited!!