Don't Lose Your Glow


We've all heard it before but do we actually listen? Your skin is your largest organ. Therefore, we should treat it as such. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets put on the back burner until we start seeing aging signs. 

I haven't always treated my skin perfectly. I was raised in the south and I lived off the of the sun and even the tanning bed. Those two things have definitely done some long term damage but I've reversed it a little with my skincare rituals. 

In the last ten years, I've maybe slept in my makeup five times. I don't care how much I drink or how tired I am, my makeup comes off. I can't sleep unless I've applied my oils and moisturizers. 

Why? Because our skin is on a circadian rhythm and at night, it renews itself.  If you sleep in your makeup, you are preventing the renewal process and this in turn causes damage to your skin. Obviously the more you do this the worse it will be for your skin, but studies have shown that you're causing damage even if you do it just once in a while! Yea, no thanks.

I keep makeup wipes and moisturizer by my bed just incase that martini at Mastro's makes me lose my memory. I see the wipes and I remember, oh yea, I'm 30... I should wash my face so I don't look 40. 

Remember to wear sunscreen. And I don't mean the sunscreen at the drug store that's full of chemicals and clogging your pores. What good is it doing protecting you from the sun if it's causing damage anyway?

Read labels, research ingredients, wash your face, don't abuse the sun. Sounds easy, right?

A  few of my favorite skincare products are below...

Skin Maintenance

day oil - everyday, especially before a makeup application

day moisture

night cream

sunscreen - don't overdo it here, you still need to absorb vitamin D

face masks - once a week

glow face brush - use twice a week at night