you can have your boozy holiday weekend and keep your waistline too


a KOW style AMERICAN holiday


1 - Stay away from sugary cocktails. Think fresh, vibrant, and tasty mixed drinks. Don't buy pre-made drinks and definitively micromanage the bartender if you need to. 


skinny marg, my fave OR try my watermelon margs HERE

2 oz Decada Tequila

coursely ground sea salt for rim

3 tablespoons fresh lime juice

2 tablespoons fresh OJ

1 teaspoon agave nectar

1 lime wedge for garnish

Also check out my Cucumber Gimlet Recipe!




2 - Leave the bread and chips out of the equation!

If your BBQ consists of hamburgers and hot dogs, replace the bun with something more nutritious. I pile my plate with a hot dog or a beef patty and add SO MANY extra things. 

Mustard, jalapeños, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. Lots of sauces and lots of veggies! You won't be missing the bun, I promise. 

Skip the chips and have fresh veggies with full-fat ranch or hummus. It will get you to the same place (full) except you will be feeling better than if you loaded up on potatoes. No one wants to be bloated in a bathing suit.

best vegetables to grill with the least amount of prep 




zucchini & squash (slice length wise)

3 - STAY HYDRATED. Drink lots of water & coconut water. 

Be safe!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.