High Protein, Low Carb Fried "Rice"


You know I love my cruciferous vegetables! One of the most versatile veggies from this family is the cauliflower. I've been replacing ALL of our grains lately with vegetables. And cauliflower has made this transition really easy. 

We have zucchini and spaghetti squash to replace our pasta and we have cauliflower to replace our rice and bread crusts. 

1 cup of cauliflower is 29 calories vs its look alike (the big bad) rice at 206 calories. For me though, it's not the calories. I don't count calories unless I know something has an outrageous amount, I will stay away from that or at the very least limit myself. For me though, it's the form of carbohydrates that I watch. 


Cauliflower has 2.8g of carbohydrates in one cup vs 1 cup of rice at 40g! Without even mentioning the nutrients in cauliflower, you can see why one would rather cook with cauliflower. 

This dish was SO easy and delicious. It's also wonderful reheated so go ahead and feel free to make it ahead of time. 


Serves approximately 4. 


You will need:

2 tablespoons of ghee or coconut oil

2 tablespoons of freshly ground black pepper

himalayan sea salt (to taste)

3 large eggs

1 medium cauliflower head

3 slices of crispy bacon chopped or THIS

10 thinly sliced crimini mushrooms

1 tablespoon ground ginger

2 tablespoons coconut aminos

1 tablespoon coconut vinegar

1 teaspoon fish sauce

2 thinly slices scallions

1 tablespoon chile sesame oil

2 organic chicken breasts sliced thinly using this method

1 whole garlic clove minced


Grate the cauliflower head in a large bowl until they look similar to rice grains. Whisk the eggs together with salt & pepper to taste. Pour the eggs into hot bacon drippings (optional) OR scramble your eggs in the ghee (or coconut oil) with the bacon pieces. Do not overcook - set aside. 


Cook chicken until it is done set aside. Sautee' mushrooms and garlic in a separate pan until browned then add the ground ginger. Add the cauliflower to the same wok and season with more salt and pepper. Add chicken, mix well and then turn the heat down to a low temperature and cover for about five minutes. Do not over cook or the "rice" will get mushy. 

Stir in the sesame oil, fish sauce, coconut aminos, coconut vinegar, eggs, bacon, and scallions. Stir for 1 more minute over low heat. 

Pairs well with Sriracha! But doesn't everything?!










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