10 Reasons to Drink MORE Water


Drinking water is so important. Here's 10 benefits you can reap from drinking MORE water on a daily basis:

  1. Increased energy - drinking not enough, or even just enough water can leave you feeling dehydrated. Make sure to always be drinking more water than you think you need to maintain a high level of energy throughout the day.
  2. Reduced hunger - drinking extra water can help you feel more full throughout the day because of all the water you’re putting in it. You might be overeating if you eat meals without much water in your system. Fill up on some water about 30 minutes before a meal so that you only eat what you’re truly hungry for.
  3. Boosted metabolism - even being slightly dehydrated can slow down your metabolism, so make sure you’re drinking tons of water so that your metabolism is functioning well and burning as much fat as possible.
  4. Less toxins - water has the ability to take bad stuff out of our body with it on its way out. Why not drink more to make sure we’re flushing out as much toxins as possible?
  5. Moisturized skin - skin needs to be hydrated and not just externally! Allowing more water into your body can hydrate and moisturize your skin.
  6. Better digestion - water is so essential in the digestion process. If you ever find yourself with digestion issues, try drinking more water right away. Water can help keep things flowing!
  7. Less pains - drinking more water can prevent headaches, migraines and even back pain. Dehydration can bring on these pains so drink lots of water in the first place to combat dehydration.
  8. Hydrated muscles - water hydrates joints and muscles so it’s so essential to drink lots of water in order to maintain good physical performance.
  9. Boosted brain performance - as you’ve probably noticed by now, dehydration can have a lot of negative effects. This is definitely another one of them. Your brain needs water to function properly. Ensuring that your drinking plenty of water will help you focus better and even improve your memory!
  10. Improved hair health - water actually makes up a percentage of each strand of your hair. Drinking more water can help you achieve stronger, healthier hair.