Bumble x The Body Lab Event

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Champagne, cheese, and a workout? You really can have it all! I am talking about my recent partnership with BumbleBizz and The Body Lab hosting an invigorating, conversation starting, and overall lively evening. The Body Lab is known for their intense and exciting pilates classes, taught by amazing and well informed instructors. Bumble Bizz is my go-to to make those local business connections, but meeting up in person made it even more enjoyable. Getting to know those around you who have the same ambitions in different settings is very motivating. That one common goal we all are wanting to achieve is to hustle daily. 

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We started the night off right with a delectable cheese board, some champagne (of course) and good conversation. Eating as much olive tapenade and brie as we could, and meeting new business professionals. The environment of The Body Lab is so laid back, no one is getting too hype for a workout, it is calm and easygoing. Working day in and day out it is important to have “me time” and even time to take care of your body and mental health. This event did just that! Not to mention the playlist was on point!

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After getting all of our mingling in and munching on the goodies, it was time for each of us to meet our enemy / best friend for the next 30 minutes. The megaformer, I am convinced this thing changes lives. While it can be a struggle while you are on the thing once you have completed each exercise you feel like a new woman. Lisa, our instructor for the night was very informative, and patient. She demonstrated every move perfectly and made sure we all felt the burn. However she did show us the perfect stretches to end the session, I think this was everyone’s fave part.  

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I couldn’t have picked a better combo to get a mini workout in and connect with these local Phoenix business babes. The Body Lab is in such a convenient location with tons of other hidden gems around. There is also a second location in North Scottsdale so you can ensure you get your burn anywhere. Bumble even gave us these AMAZINGLY soft tees to learn our new moves in! I love these events altogether, however this one was so good because after a long stressful day all I needed was some laughter, a good sweat sesh, and overall new knowledge. 

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Thank you Bumble Bizz, Lisa, and The Body Lab!!

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