Yarn Wall Hanging | DIY


Hey guys! Isn’t this yarn wall hanging so cute?! The craziest part? I made the whole thing for under $15! My favorite part is the touch of gold on all of the strings! I saw wall hangings similar to this on Pinterest and they used brass tubing. Brass tubing is so cool because it’s really high quality and it shines brilliantly. The only downside is that they get expensive when you are looking to buy 30 of them! So, I put my thinking cap on and realized that I could put gold paper straws on each string and totally get the same effect! I got my straws from Target in the DIY party section and it was only $3 for 20 of them! Plus they are great quality and super shiny, so your friends will never know that you didn’t invest $60 in brass tubing! This is the perfect afternoon DIY because it only takes a few hours to make from start to finish. Plus, the process of making the tassels is the bulk of it and it’s super repetitive so it’s easy to zone out and watch a movie while making them. Investing a few hours of my day to DIY this was so worth it because it’s a completely easy and fool-proof DIY. None of this expectations vs. reality here! Plus, at the end of day you’ll be left with something really special that you made by hand and can show off to all of your friends! Seriously, no one believes me that I made this. So roll up your sleeves, grab out the yarn, put on a movie and get started!


Here’s what you’ll need:

● 36 in. long wooden dowel

● Yarn (I used about 3 small bundles of thin yarn)

● Gold paper straws

● Scissors

● Tape

● Small piece of cardboard


● The first thing you’ll want to do is cut the long pieces of string that the tassels will hang

from. I cut mine about 36in long. It’s better for them to be longer than shorter because

you can always trim them later.

● Next you’ll want to make your tassels. Here’s the steps:

1. Grab your piece cardboard (however long your cardboard piece is, is how long your tassels will be) and tape one of the 36 inch strings you just cut to the top of it.

2. Starting from the bottom of the piece of cardboard wrap your string around it several times. Wrap it close to the edge of the cardboard where the end of your taped string is. I wrapped my string 20 times. The more times you wrap your string, the thicker the tassel will be.

3. Cut your string at the bottom of the cardboard when you’re done wrapping. Don’t take the yarn loop off of the cardboard yet!

4. Take the tape that’s holding the long string on to the cardboard off. Tie the long string in a double knot around the string loop and make it tight. Cut off any excess strings.

5. Slide the loop off of the cardboard. Your loop should now be hanging on the end of the 36 inch string.

6. Cut a 6 inch long piece of string off of whatever color yarn you used for your loop. Wrap it around the loop several times about an inch from the top and double knot it. Cut off any excess strings.

7. Last, trim the very bottom of the loop to make it open ended. Now you have your first completed tassel! It sounds like a lot of steps, but after you get the hang of it you can make them so fast and without even thinking about it.

8. Repeat this process until you have your desired amount of tassels! If you get confused watch this video! It’s super helpful and she makes them just like we do. Just make sure that you use your 36in long strings that you already cut as the string that you tape to the top of your cardboard, this way the tassel will be tied to the end of the string.

● Once you have finished your tassels you are ready to slide the gold straws onto each string so that they sit on top of the tassels.

● Last, all you have to do is arrange it how you want! I arranged mine in a V and made an ombre look, but you can do whatever you want! Once they are arranged the way you want, tie them on the wooden dowel and trim any excess strings!

DIY adapted from BrittneyMakes