Winter-ish Glam


This gorgeous faux faur jacket really spices things up a bit. I'm a pretty casual person but everyone once in a while I like to add a little flair to my wardrobe. Since I got this jacket, I've worn it with everything from a flannel and Stuart Weitzman knee-high boots to cowboy booties and flare pants


This look is fun because you can really wear it anywhere. It's professional enough to go to the office in - although, be prepared for a few stares from your less-fashion-forward colleagues. 


And it fits in perfectly at that after work happy hour with the ladies. It's such a fun piece. This time around, I paired it with pinstripes and a casual tee for a little shopping. 


Of course, Revolve sold out of these Ambition Flair Pants (per usual)  but I found some similar HERE. I love both of these pairs of pants because they have such a soft, yet clean silhouette!