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I've been polishing my nails since as far back as I can remember. This information is not only alarming, but it makes me furious. The sad part, is that it's not even new! I feel like I've been living under a rock. How did I not know this? 

For a long time, nail polish has been under scrutiny for containing harmful chemicals. Some companies have reformulated their products to keep up. The ingredients that have been under debate: dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. SCARY! I always knew the nail polish was toxic. But I thought since we were using just minuscule amounts that it didn't matter. Not the case. 

Researchers at Duke University found these chemicals in the bodies of more than two-dozen women who participated in a biomonitoring study. This is insane!! These chemicals are endocrine disruptors, meaning they cause birth defects, cancerous tumors, and other developmental disorders controlled by hormones. SOURCE

Quote from Duke EWG Study

"The study, published today in Environment International, found that all women had a metabolite of triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP, in their bodies just 10 to 14 hours after painting their nails. Their levels of diphenyl phosphate or DPHP, which forms when the body metabolizes TPHP, had increased by nearly sevenfold."
“It is very troubling that nail polish being marketed to women and teenage girls contains a suspected endocrine disruptor,” said Johanna Congleton, Ph.D., MSPH, a senior scientist at EWG and co-author of the Duke-EWG study. “It is even more troubling to learn that their bodies absorb this chemical relatively quickly after they apply a coat of polish.”

On the market today, most nail polishes contain TPHP, in fact, it's listed right there on the label. I wouldv'e never thought twice about this ingredient because before, I knew nothing about it. TPHP is a suspected endocrine disruptor that's been used in plastics and as a fire retardant in foam furniture.... and it enters the human body through nail polish. SOURCE

The study found this chemical in women's urine immediately after they applied nail polish to their nails. TPHP has been studied more recently and the findings are SHOCKING. It is known to interact with a protein central to regulating the body's metabolism and production of fat cells. More studies are being done to find whether it contributes to weight gain and obesity. SOURCE

Quote from Duke EWG Study

Four volunteers collected urine over 48 hours. For three of the four, their concentrations of DPHP peaked between 10 and 20 hours after painting their nails.
These results indicate that nail polish may be an important contributor to short-term TPHP exposure. For frequent users of nail polish, exposure to TPHP may be a long-term hazard.


Since writing this article, I needed to find a nail polish that worked FOR me, not against me. I'm APPALLED at the ingredients in traditional nail polish and what they're potentially doing to the body. I don't like to take chances when it comes to my health, especially if there is a better option awaiting. 

Oftentimes I do research for products to solve a problem, but this time, I was alerted to a problem that I didn't even know existed. And for that, I thank you, Londontown

Not only are they "9-Free" they contain ingredients to actually benefit you, not harm you. 



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