west coast beach at sunset


Being a woman is so damn weird sometimes. You can feel skinny all month and the day you decide to go to the beach you get BLOATED. A woman's body is unpredictable. But the weather on a west coast beach can be predicted every single day. 

I will never let my body dictate my activities. I will adjust and still live my life! 


The beach towns in LA can be a little cool even in the summer especially after 5pm. I love that about the west coast though. You're never really too hot or cold if you dress appropriately. 


At around 8pm on El Matador Beach in Malibu the high tide comes rolling in full force and you have to move to the top of the cliff. It's sort of amazing when nature takes its property back and moves you upward. The lighting at this time of day is so amazing and it's when most people break out their cameras. Most beach-goers head home for the day and the photographers come out in flocks. 

what to wear

This oversized t-shirt is from one of my favorite clothing lines. I'm really into clothes that aren't crazy expensive (with the exception of some classic investment pieces) but are still great quality (because duh). So I'm obviously obsessing over One Teaspoon.


The deep V plunging neckline adds sexy and sassy to this shapeless piece. The long cuff sleeves give you the option to have long or short sleeves which is super important in Malibu. Complete with a tuxedo panel and collared neckline, I can wear this dress straight into Nobu Malibu without problem.


How cute is this custom Kale or Whale branded floppy beach hat? Get one for yourself!