How We Found Out


As most of you know, we are expecting our first child in July. I'll preface with, WE WERE NOT TRYING. We had decided that we've waited this long, lets get to a point where we're not exactly as busy as we are now. But as most of you know... there really is no RIGHT TIME. And we discovered that we are more ready than ever. 

I'm pretty aware of changes in my body. I'm very in TUNE. I knew something was "off"... so I took a pregnancy test and it was negative (turns out it was WAY too early to detect). That threw me way off... so I continued on with my life changing nothing. I struggled through meals and exhaustion for a couple of weeks until it was too much to bear. At this time, I thought I had cancer or some other terminal disease. I was very very sick! And full disclosure, I had what I thought was my period (turns out it was implantation bleeding) that lasted for NINE days! This is actually what finally helped me to discover what was happening! I started googling all of these symptoms (of course, only after going to the doctor, collecting poop samples, making sure I didn't have cancer..etc)... and all signs pointed to BABY. 

That night as we were climbing into bed I was telling Kevin about my findings and he goes "oh that would make a lot of sense"... me, still not convinced after that negative pregnancy test (even got a negative one at the doc) didn't believe it. The next morning we were heading to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with our friends and Kevin had to run an errand before our flight. I had him grab a couple tests but I didn't have time to take them, so I packed them and we left. I had a problem getting them through security (LOL)... thank god I was traveling with someone who knew what was going on because they pulled all three tests out of my bag for everyone to see.

When we arrived in Seattle (UH SEATTLE YOUR UBER SITUATION IS ANNOYING AF) it was sort of a nightmare. It was raining and we had to walk a million miles to get an Uber... Hemingway was wet by this time and freaking out (because what's rain?). We get in our Uber and as soon as we do, Kevin has to get on a V. imp conference call. He is on this call the entire car ride to Jenna's! Hemingway obviously has to go poop so he's freaking out the whole time and I'm trying to hold him still while trying not to throw up on Kevin and knife everyone. By the time we get to Jenna's, she opens the door all smiley and we roll in like a wrecking ball. 

I finally explain to her that I'm (one) really mad at Kevin and (two) probably pregnant...but of course, for once in my life I don't actually have to pee. So I ate like 6 of her clementines and made her make me a PB&J sandwich (?)... and we chatted. I forgot about taking the test up until this point until I finally had to go to the restroom. While I was up there, I was like...I should take this really quick so we can open that wine. 

I pee on it, wait, wait, (like, usually they just say "NO" and don't waste time.... what is this) so I finally walk out of the bathroom to be more efficient with my time and when I walk back in I see the test laying there saying "YES" in all caps. I call Kevin up and I'm just holding it and he's like "NOOO (in a good way though)" and I'm like YESSSS. And so we have a little moment and laugh at how I thought I had cancer and blah blah blah... then I snap a pic to my bff and sis-in-law because I HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE.

That was the first holiday in like a LOT of years that I didn't have A LOT of wine. :) (But still felt hungover every morning...why).

I was five weeks when I found out and we decided to tell people at 12 weeks because it happened to be New Years Day!