Natural Ways To Prevent The Flu Without The Flu Shot


This is that time of year where flu season has been lingering upon us with the cold weather and the busy holiday season just wrapping up.

We all hear about the option of the flu shot year after year when fall rolls around warning us that flu season is coming.

There are many studies out there that have discovered the low numbers of effectiveness the flu shot has for adults, elderly, and children alike.  While in retrospect there are also lots of studies flooding the Internet that the flu shot can be effective in ways.

While there is much controversy surrounding the flu shot, we wont be getting deep into that. What I do want to share with you today though are some natural ways to prevent the flu with common everyday habits and additional remedies that can protect you and your loved ones this flu season.

We all know the common ways to practice clean hygiene and good health when it comes to preventing the flu. Although they are common, they are a MUST when it comes to keeping yourself protected from catching any nasty bugs.

The most effective way for cold and flu prevention is simple…

Wash your hands.

Washing your hands with soap and warm water periodically throughout your day rids of all of the different types of bacteria that you come in contact with on the daily through common tasks such as touching door handles or even your own cell phone!

During a busy season of high volume traffic during traveling for many, you are in contact with more people aka more germs. Which results in being prone to contracting all kinds of viruses and bacteria. So make sure you are continuously washing your hands.

Regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol and disinfectant wipes to clean your hands and surfaces that are germ prone especially when traveling, in airports, getting gas, and in public places where there’s high traffic such as the mall or grocery store.

Maintain a healthy gut.

Seventy percent of our immune systems health relies on the health of our gut and the nutrients we provide it with. Eating a nutrient dense and whole food based diet will help give your gut those essential nutrients.

While being sure to stay away from foods like excess sugar, refined grains or processed foods, as these weaken the immune system. You can incorporate some of these healthy ingredients in your daily regimen to reap the amazing benefits. Bone broth holds many immunity-boosting minerals! As well as apple cider vinegar and aloe vera, both have anti-bacterial properties

Getting proper exercise and sleep.

The body needs rest to properly function and keep a health immune system. You can also enhance your overall health, which ultimately affects your immune function directly with some type of daily activity and movement. This gets those cells moving in the body that help the immune systems function in protecting yourself against getting sick.

Keep your hands away from your face.

I know I sound like your mother when you were growing up, but don’t touch your face! Your face is covered in mucus membranes which are easy entry sites for bacteria. Practice not touching your nose, mouth, or eyes especially during the flu season, studies say on average we touch our face about 15 times and hour. Now think about the germs we are putting ourselves in contact with after running into the store and then touching our phones to then touch our faces..

Keep stress levels low.

I know this is a difficult one when we all are going a mile a minute. But stress has an extreme negative health impact on the body- especially your immune system. Practicing meditation daily even for a few minutes can help decrease stress levels. So slow down, close your eyes, breath…. and remember life is good!

Take your vitamins and probiotics.

Fat soluble vitamins such as A and D strengthen the immune system. As well as vitamin C, which you can take as a supplement as well as eat foods rich in the vitamin such as oranges, bell peppers and broccoli.

Remember how I mentioned above to keep your gut healthy and give it those proper nutrients? Well probiotics assist with the good bacteria your body needs in your gut to remain healthy. These are great to add to your daily regimen.

Diffuse or apply essential oils.

I love this one. A great natural way to relax and incorporate immune boosting into the home. You can diffuse them or apply them directly onto the skin such as on the chest, temples, and neck. Some great essential oils that contain flu fighting properties are eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense, and orange.

Drink water.

Stay hydrated with lots of fluids. Water helps detox the body naturally and flush out any toxins. It contributes to your overall health of the body and the immune system.  Promise you will feel better from doing this alone!

Practicing some of these natural flu fighters and incorporating them into your daily routine may just save you a trip to the doctors this year and a week from lying in your bed miserable. Be mindful of taking care of yourself this flu season and share with me any remedies you personally love!