4 Ways to Hack Your Travel


It's the travel part of travel that I don't love.... ha!

Plan With Kayak

Kayak is a unique travel booking site and it's one of my favorite resources when researching and planning my next travel destination!

One of the most useful tools Kayak features allows you to look at flight costs throughout a calendar year, which shows you what flights you can snatch at the cheapest rate in throughout the month! You can also set up price change alerts, where you’re notified once a price drops around a time you’re planning a trip! Also a great perk of Kayak, all rates featured are compared to other travel sites, referring you to those sites if they can offer a cheaper fare. It’s a wonderful travel-researching tool you must use whenever you’re planning your next trip.

Sign up for Flight Tracker E-mails

I like to utilize every resource I can when it comes to finding the best airfare, and with flight tracking sites like Hotwire.com and Yapta.com I hardly have to do any of the research to find the lowest costs! Just like setting up price alerts with Kayak, these sites monitor airfare changes and when the price drops within a budget I’ve set up on the site, I’m notified through an e-mail so I can get to purchasing my ticket before anyone else.

Check Airfare rates on Airline Websites

Once I begin planning my trip and viewing various rates between airlines, I go directly to the airline website to see if there are any additional savings I can find through their exclusive promotional offers! Southwest airlines are one of my favorite airlines for this reason, often offering wanna get away fares for as low as $50 one way! If there’s a particular airline you prefer to fly with, sign up for their email newsletter to receive exclusive rates and specials you may not have had access to otherwise! Also- did you know that airlines such as Southwest, Alaska, and Jet Blue will refund the difference in price if there’s a price change in the ticket you already purchased? That’s quite an incentive to fly with these airlines!

Packaged Deals

If you’re traveling somewhere that you’ll need a hotel and car rental, finding packed deals may be the best deal for you to look in to. Remember that packages can be a great deal, however sometimes it is an easy gimmick for these sites to inflate the costs as they do the entire math for you. Be a mindful consumer, and check DealBase.com, a site that breaks travel packages down on what the individual costs are in the packaged deal.