Essential Oil Shower Melts | DIY



Hey everyone! I recently happened upon the cutest and most genius DIY on Pinterest and I had to share with ya'll. These little pastel cubes are shower melts and they are so easy to make! If you don't know what a shower melt is (I didn't), it's a little cube made with essential oils that you put on your shower floor as you are showering. As your shower warms up the melt starts to melt (obviously) and it releases the essential oils into the air of your shower. This is such a genius idea because essential oils are SO therapeutic. DIYs like this are so perfect because you know what ingredients are going in and you get to customize it to your needs! This one is super customizable because you can add your fave essential oil. Lavender is my favorite because it is so relaxing and therapeutic, it even helps get rid of headaches. I also love rose because it is so soothing and it's good for your skin! So, naturally I had to make two batches, one with lavender and one with rose. Plus the more shower melts the better because I'm always looking for ways to make my bathroom a little more spa like. So if you are looking for your showers to be a little more therapeutic too then this is totally for you!


Here's what you'll need:

(Makes 20 1-inch shower melts)

● 1 cup water

● 1 3/4 cups cornstarch

● 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil

● Silicone ice cube trays

● Food coloring (optional)


1. Mix together the cornstarch, essential oil, and food coloring. (If you want to get the same lavender color do 3 drops red food coloring & 3 drops blue food coloring. If you want to get the same rose color do 3 drops red food coloring & 2 drops blue food coloring.)

2. Slowly add in the water little by little. It will be very clumpy at first but eventually will turn into a thin paste.

3. Pour the mixture into the silicone ice cube trays and freeze overnight.

4. In the morning you can pop the melts out of the ice cube trays and keep them in a mason jar in the freezer.

When you're ready to use a melt, take one out of the freezer and put it on the shower floor. Start your shower and let the warmth and steam of the shower work its magic with the melt. Your shower is going to smell heavenly and be so therapeutic!

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