The Pei Wei Test Kitchen


Pei Wei is rolling out some new menu items soon and we got a sneak peek of several of those dishes today. We were blown away by how fresh the ingredients were and the innovative spin they put on traditional Asian dishes. Honestly, if we were blindfolded we would have never known we were at a fast/casual restaurant. 

Here's the breakdown of what we tried...


Honey Sriracha Wings


These crispy wings were full of flavor with delicious sriracha sauce. They were spicy, but nothing crazy. I will definitely be ordering these when I'm back in. 


Szechuan Spice Wings


My husband and I both prefer wings with sauce, but these were actually tastier than the sriracha style wings. They were full of traditional Asian flavors with a crisp outside and tender inside. 


Banh Mi Style Asian Street Tacos


These tacos were such a fun twist on the traditional Banh Mi sandwich. When I lived in San Francisco, I ate Banh Mi several times a month. It's hard to find these flavors in Arizona so when I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to try it. 

The sauce to veggie ratio was perfect. The tortilla was literally just a vehicle for deliciousness. They made a perfect appetizer or light lunch. 


Korean BBQ Steak Bimbimbap


Bibimbap is another dish we ate pretty frequently in San Francisco. And even at our favorite place, we would have to load on the sauces. The Bibimbap at Pei Wei was soooo delicious. The spices and sauces were perfect and the ingredients tasted so fresh! It also didn't contain kimchi, which we enjoyed because we're not a big fan of it, but you might miss it if you're looking for something more traditional. I would have also preferred a little more of the delicious sauce they used, so if you're a sauce person, maybe ask for extra on the side. 

This dish was our favorite out of the five. 


Pork Belly Ramen


The ramen was our least favorite dish but it did have some great qualities. We are HUGE on ramen... my husband eating it almost once a week. He kept raving about the delicious flavors of the egg, which is sometimes how he can tell the good from the bad. 

The pork belly was a little fatty for my taste and the noodles were a little soft for my taste, but overall, a tasty dish. I think it all depends on your preference. 


Overall, these dishes were delicious and I'm hoping they roll out each one to all their locations soon. If you want to try these dishes for yourself, make your way over to their test kitchen in North Scottsdale!

PEI WEI TEST KITCHEN ADDRESS: 20851 N Scottsdale Rd #105, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

This post was sponsored by Pei Wei, but is an honest review.