Shoe Trends | NYFW 2017


Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and of course NYFW 2017 forecast so many new trends to be on the lookout for this fall season. Let's talk shoes. There are so many up and coming shoe trends that were showcased at NYFW. I'm talking statement heels, suede mules, gold slingbacks, floral boots and more! Here’s the five newest shoe trends that you should be on the lookout for:

1. Statement Heels - These heels are DEFINITELY a trend you will want to join in on, they were all over at fashion week this season. Adam Selman showcased some chunky studded heels that are definitely perfect for fall. They're edgy, but not too edgy! They aren’t for sale yet, but here’s a similar pair if you’re dying to get your hands on some ASAP.

2. Suede Mules - Now, I know suede mules aren't necessarily a new trend this season but they are definitely in for fall and they're totally going to be a staple in your closet for a while! This shoe trend isn't going anywhere.

3. Gold Slingbacks - Another shoe trend showcased at NYFW are gold slingbacks! Everyone loves a good slingback, and gold is in for fall, so the brilliant combination is totally a no-brainer. These are going to look great dressed up with a dress or dressed down with pants!

4. Floral Boots - Combat boots might just be on their way back! I definitely saw some floral combat boots by R13 rocking the runway, so keep an eye out for that one! They’re comfortable, warm for fall, and can totally complete an outfit.

5. Platform Loafers - These loafers are for more than just hanging out around the house, they are totally meant to be seen! These were paired with several stunning outfits at NYFW and they looked gorgeous. They are super versatile and can match with pretty much any outfit.

Of course, there are plenty more shoes that you are probably already rocking that will be sticking around for another season. Such as your classic white leather booties or classic black heels, so don't clean out your closet! Just make room for a few of these new trendy additions!