Shake Shack Holiday Tasting


Guys, I LOVE love love Shake Shack. I know you already know this. But recently I got to try their new holiday treats and I'm slightly obsessed. Nothing pairs better with a delicious burger than a tasty shake and crinkle cut fries. No wonder Shake Shack is killin' it. 

My husband lived in New York several years ago and would tell stories of waiting in looooong lines to get a burger because it was ALWAYS worth it. I was always like, "I mean, how good can it be? You hate lines".... but the minute a Shack opened here in Phoenix I completely understood. I get it, guys. 

Myself and a few of my Dirty Beets Dinner Club girls enjoyed ourselves last week. Check out some of our treats below!


Jingle all the way to the Shack, where they're spinnin’ up a new trio of Holiday Shakes from Monday, November 14th—Monday, January 2nd.

Christmas Cookie: Sugar cookie frozen custard topped with whipped cream and red & green sprinkles.

Chocolate Peppermint: Chocolate frozen custard blended with peppermint and topped with whipped cream and chocolate peppermint candy crumble.

The shakes, $5.79 each, are available at all U.S. Shacks except stadiums and JFK Airport.

And remember: The delicious Shack-made Brownie Batter Hot Chocolate ($3.89) is warm, delicious and available through the end of March.


Check out The Dirty Beets Dinner Club as we eat our way through Phoenix this winter!