Sassy in a Top and a Choker

addison raga top revolve flowy white oversized top

Hi guys, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great - I actually slept in yesterday and reset for the week. Last week I took a road trip to see one of my dear friends in Laguna Beach. Those trips are really a WIN WIN for me because what's better than 1) road trips + podcasts 2) ending a long day of driving with hot yoga + best friend 3) being in Laguna Beach? 

LB post to come! But for now, you're stuck with this cute outfit. So let me start with a little bad news... these Alexander Want pebbled bootie/wedges with a toe separator are everything. And honestly, to me, they MAKE the outfit and every outfit I wear them with. These are OLD and I have searched high and low to find these for you with NO LUCK. I will still continue my search so check back for an update later. For now, I've chosen a cute pair of AW's that are also just as cute (and they're on sale!)

I was so comfortable in this outfit. I love big, oversized, flowy - everything and this top made the cut right away. I'm also loving everything Raga makes, they just get me!

Pair it with nice bag, choker, and a NOT-boring bra, and go girl! Shop the links below and totally copy this look - I'm giving you permission. Be sassy!