replacing your coffee with this for a week will change you


I'm obsessed with coffee. But I'm not one to be controlled by ANYTHING! When I feel like an addiction has began, I have to part ways. I got my coffee addiction under wraps with a different more subtle form of caffeine and it changed my life.

Insert matcha ---- with matcha tea you get the entire leaf and you ingest all of the available nutrients -- including 137 times more antioxidants than a regularly brewed cup of green tea. 


Matcha antioxidants include but are not limited to the powerful EGCg. It also burns calories and speeds the metabolism while detoxing in a very natural way. Yea.


If the right proportions are consumed, it can help calm the nerves and relax the body.


More good news, is that matcha has a ton of fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins. It can enhance your mood and your concentration.  Matcha also contains magnesium, zinc, selenium, and vitamin C. In some cases it has been shown to fight off disease and lower blood sugar and cholesterol. 

So it's obvious why I would swap out my coffee with this stuff! The best part is that it's delicious. 

I LOVE A GOOD ICED MATCHA. It's pretty tasty hot as well, but this summer I've been drinking the iced version. Make my version easily at home...


love my vitamix...

You will need:

one scoop of matcha

1 teaspoon bee pollen

1 teaspoon date sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla bean 

1 cup almond milk or coconut milk

1 handful of ice

blend. serve over ice right away!


Some of my favorite matcha products...