How Are You Starting The Day?


I picked this recipe up in Seattle while visiting two good friends last week. I've been guilty of skipping breakfast lately, or thinking a banana will suffice. I'm not exactly hungry when I wake up... which is a very bad thing because this means my metabolism isn't working as it should. 

In order to get my metabolism back to circa 2004 (ok, it will never be HS good..but close?) .... I MUST EAT BREAKFAST. We must ALL eat breakfast! Repeat that out loud! Obviously forcing yourself to eat something that's not appetizing at all when you're not hungry is not going to work. 

WE NEED DELICIOUS. And I found it! Keep reading and I'll get to it.

...... The banana would cause me to crash and burn most of the time. I would have afternoon sugar cravings, headaches, etc. One banana full of sugar (yes, fiber too... but not enough) is NOT breakfast. In some cases, eating a banana alone will do more harm than good, especially at breakfast time when you need to set the tone for your blood sugar for the entire day. 

"Ok, Candice, a banana? REALLY? I eat a muffin and fill my coffee full of synthetic ingredients &/or sugar."  STOP. You're sabotaging your body every single morning. I'm not even talking about long term here... I'm talking about your one day. Ya know, that one day you will never ever get back? That one. 

To stay inspired & motivated, we need energy. Natural energy. Putting your best foot forward starts in the kitchen and it starts with breakfast. What you put into your body everyday, you will get back xxx 500. Consider the ingredients... can you pronounce it? We're responsible for our own health. I don't know about you, but the way politics have turned into a circus lately, I don't trust any federally funded agency to give me ALL the truth and not be looking out for THEIR best interest. Call me crazy.

"Candice, healthy food is so expensive." Here's a question for you... (how can I put this nicely like my friend over at The Champagne Diet put it) .... do you own an iPhone? It's all about priorities people. Spend your money where you want to spend it but investing in your health will never need tech support (hopefully?). 

Ok, so now that I've made my point (sorry, do you feel bad for my husband yet?) Lets cook some breakfast!


You will need:

one small organic cage-free egg

wasa light rye bread (believe me, you need this)

ajvar serbian veg relish (nothing else will do)

red pepper chili flakes

simply organic chophouse seasoning

1/2 small organic avocado

coconut oil


Put a light layer of ajvar sauce on one rye crisp. Add avocado, stick in fridge. 

Add coconut oil to pan. Heat pan on high until very hot. Crack egg into pan and continue to cook on high until the edges look crispy and the white part of the egg appears to be done. The egg should slide softly across the pan at this point. If it's not, it's not ready to flip. 

Once flipped, just cook a few more seconds. Add to rye crisp and top with seasonings. Voila!

Tip: Using coconut oil is not only healthier overall, it makes the eggs really crispy on the edges quickly so you can keep the soft yolk!


Pack your morning full of protein, fiber, good carbs & fats! Enjoy with a green juice :P



HUGE thanks to Jenna and Jonathan for introducing me to this!! Jenna and Jonathan both live in Seattle, are married, and happen to also be part of the team!

Check out Jonathan's work! He did such a wonderful job with my website (and continues to improve it daily) || || I don't know what I would do without him!