Pregnancy Pieces I Can't Live Without


This is not a sponsored post.

I made a lot of mistakes shopping in early pregnancy. I thought I'd go ahead and pick up some basic maternity pieces because I would eventually need them anyway. Plus, I felt uncomfortable from day one. Mostly because you're bloated into your second trimester. I didn't realized that eventually my whole body would grow, not just my belly. So buying pieces in my pre-pregnancy size that had a place for my belly actually wouldn't cut it.

These are the pieces that have grown with me and/or that I wish I would have purchased sooner:

Blanqi (received these at no cost, but am absolutely in love) - These pieces will stretch and grow with you and are great for post pregnancy as well. They support and contour and make you look like you have the most perfect baby bump ever, while also helping to support it - which helps to prevent pain and stretch marks.

Belly Bands - these are great to wear on their own. I like to wear them around the house or when I'm working out. 

Support Tops and Pants - they're super stylish and incredibly well made. When I first introduced them on Instagram I had someone tell me that the fabric beaded... not sure why that happened to them but I have not had that problem yet. I dry them with "like" colors and fabrics like I would any other athleisure-wear so maybe that's the key. Don't wash or dry your nice workout clothes or Blanqi pieces with towels or anything abrasive such as denim. 


Belly Bandit Shorts for Under Dresses - these are amazing. My legs touch these days and with the Arizona heat, it causes chafing among just being general uncomfortable. I like this particular one because it also has built in belly support which is so needed late in pregnancy. I wear these under dresses (also great to prevent butt sweat from making it to your dress....). Just make sure to read the sizing guidelines and get the size you need. 

Dwell & Slumber Caftans -- but they're annoyingly sold out ALL of the time. If you can get your hands on these, definitely INVEST. They're the only items that I didn't grow out of AND they can be worn after pregnancy. You can dress them up or down too. SO cozy and comfortable. Will be great to wear home from hospital as well. 

Comfortable Sleeping Bras - I wanted to go with bras that i could also wear for nursing too. Why do you need a sleeping bra? Because your boobs literally grow like 4 sizes overnight and you WANT support. But you don't want to feel restricted, because TMI? Your nipples will need to breathe, just trust me on this one. Plus, you're already uncomfortable AF so there's no reason to add to that.


Maternity Underwear - honestly NEVER thought I'd need these. But they really do make all the difference in the world when trying to achieve ultimate comfort at night. Regular underwear can be pretty restrictive on your belly and other parts causing you to be uncomfortable and even have to pee more, if that's possible. 

Best Sweatpants of All Time - I wish I could afford these in every color. These are insanely comfortable. I actually get stressed out when I don't have a pair clean. I LOVE them. Plus, they're cute enough to actually wear out of the house without looking insane.