Bumble X Art Of Ice Cream - Cancelled


This is extremely unfortunate and unprecedented, but Bumble and I will need to cancel the Bumble BFF event planned for tomorrow at Art of Ice Cream.  Bumble and I were so excited to host you, and this was going to be the biggest event that we have hosted in Phoenix since we started planning networking events - over 160 of you RSVP'ed for this event!  I know that this cancellation is coming at the last minute and we are just as surprised as you probably are, therefore I felt you were all owed a short explanation.

Art of Ice Cream approached me and my team about hosting an event for Bumble in April, and since then we have been in constant communication with the team at Art of Ice Cream.  The event, like all of our Bumble events, was designed to be a mutually beneficial partnership between Bumble and a premiere local business and clearly communicated as such to Art of Ice Cream.  The idea is to bring awareness to both the local business and Bumble, allowing many of you to network and take full advantage of what we collectively bring together - a perfect match!  Disappointingly, Art of Ice Cream notified me today (the day before the event) that they were no longer able to host our event...unless we paid them an outrageous event fee. The first we are hearing of this.  Not only were we disappointed about the fee, but we were upset about the timing of this news, which left us with no time to find another partner.  

We understand many of you had made plans to attend tomorrow and were probably just as excited as we were.  We hope that you will continue to support Bumble and consider attending any and all of our future events here in Phoenix, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. And we will be making this up event up to you in the very near future.