Luxury Community Overview | Featuring Pine Canyon


Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share one of my recent trips to Flagstaff with you. This trip was extra special because we actually got to visit and stay at Pine Canyon, a luxury homes community.

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Everything about this community is so beautiful and it’s definitely the ideal place to live if you are looking for a home in Flagstaff.

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The community offers golf, dining, a fitness center, spa, tennis courts, outdoor activities, activities for kids and club cabins.

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We were definitely never bored during our stay here because we were either relaxing or enjoying the amazing amenities that Pine Canyon offers.

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My favorite amenity would definitely be the club cabins. Club cabins are only available for residents, guests of residents or prospective residents, and it makes sense why they are so exclusive!


These cabins are luxury retreats that are so beautiful inside and out, and they’re located in the best location, right off the golf course.

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I also really enjoyed dining at Pine Canyon. The Pine Canyon Clubhouse offers the most amazing food and cocktails, and you can enjoy it all right outside on their patio that overlooks the golf course. It was definitely leisurely dining at it’s finest and I was loving it!


My absolute favorite part about our stay was how close we were to the great outdoors. It was so beautiful outside and everyday I just wanted to spend time outdoors and take it all in.


With Trout Creek Park, Pine Canyon’s community recreation area right in our backyard, it was so easy to enjoy outdoor activities.


My stay at Pine Canyon was definitely an experience that I will never forget and I can’t wait to come back.


If you’re interested in becoming a resident at Pine Canyon, they offer Discovery Visits where you can visit and stay at the property, while learning all about the community and the amenities they offer.


My stay was hosted by Pine Canyon, all thoughts and opinions are my own.