My Go-To Skincare Products | Featuring Emme Diane


I am always pretty conscious about EVERYTHING I put in/on my body, but being pregnant I now have two people to protect from harmful things in this world. 


Between the food we put into our bodies, the things we put on our bodies, and the things we have no control over coming in contact with our bodies all have an impact on us. This impact can be negative or positive, we also have the power to change some of these things. 


This is why I am glad I found Emme Diane Skincare, not only can she be found locally for treatments, but she has an amazing line of products that can be shopped in store or online! She also does online consultations for anyone not living in AZ. 


All products she recommended for me are safe for pregnant women. It makes it so much easier to take good care of my skin knowing it is healthy for my skin and for my baby. She really takes all of the work out of it.


The skin quencher is an all time fave and helps this tired momma stay hydrated and looking a little less.... tired. Among many others I also love the calm down toner, tinted mineral sunscreen, and the hydra luxe cream


These all help keep my skin in good shape and give me a little bit more time for my busy schedule. Not having to worry about what is in my skin care helps me rest a little more at night an believe me... I need the rest!


If you're interested in learning more, click here to sign up for an online consultation.