Party Essentials You Don't Even Have To Leave Your House For


Have you ever been scrambling last minute to get everything ready for the party you are hosting? We have all been there. It is stressful, panicky, and if you are in Arizona like me: too damn hot to be going from store to store. So after learning from my mistakes I have decided that I am more of an online shopper.

I cannot tell you how many times I have placed an order online and that was it, the extent of my work was done. Thank goodness for Amazon, honestly. They have everything from decorations, to cocktail necessities, to glassware, even this cute gold cheese knife set.

You only need a few things for a good party. The perfect combo is a great cocktail selection, snacks (a cheese board obviously), good music, and good people.

When it comes to having a good cocktail selection, you're going to need the perfect cocktail shaker set to ensure you have everything you need to serve the best drinks. 

Glasses do not have to be expensive or boring. These gold rimmed plastic cups are affordable, reusable, and can go with any party. Not to mention they go perfectly with these big letter balloons in case your looking for some decor.

Now to the good part, the snacks. Aside from a good bottle of wine to serve your guests, the people need food. Thrive Market is my go to for ordering party snacks since it's basically like strolling through Whole Foods from the comfort of your couch. I love it because it is all organic products that are non-gmo.

Some of my Thrive Market faves are these Siete lime tortilla chips (grain-free), Tates chocolate chip cookies (we all know about my affair with these), and don’t forget to pair the charcuterie board with a good selection of nuts.

So mamas, party throwers, planners whoever you are, don’t stress. Keep calm, have a glass of wine, and put your party together right here on your couch.