4 Style Trends To Keep You Cool


Okay, I know I have lived in Arizona for a few years now and should be used to the extreme temps. But no. They are still rising and because of this, the outfit options aren't great. I can’t layer in the summer or ever throw on any type of cardigan or jacket to complete a look. 

Since moving here I have tried so many things to look cute and keep cool & comfortable during the summer. While some of my efforts were not successful I am here to tell you about the ones that were. The pieces I stick to no matter what because I know they won’t let me down when the temps keep going up.

  1. Linen has been my best friend lately. Not only when I was pregnant but even after Nixon came into the world this material was a lifesaver. It is so breathable and keeps me dry and cool even on the hottest days. Some of my fave linen pieces are here and here.
  2. Hats, these can be a year round accessory but are essential for the summer time heat waves. Baseball or straw, they both come in handy. If I am feeling more casual and want to lounge in my Lululemons all day, I'll go with a baseball hat. This is one of my favorites. For more chic looks, or pool days a wide brimmed hat is basically required. My newest obsession is here.
  3. Workout gear, I love a good sweat sesh but I am talking pilates reformer not the beating sun. So while walking to my car after a great workout I do not want to feel extra hot thanks to the sun. That is why I choose these pants for the most comfortable fit that keeps me cool. I also love flow tanks that I can throw a cute cardigan over indoors when I get chilly. One of my fave tanks is here.  (p.s this tank and pants are on SALE!)
  4. Swimsuits, you cannot live in Phoenix and not own one! They get the most use in the summer months and rightfully so. One pieces are very in right now, here is one of my favorites. 

Now you are ready for a day at the zoo, a dip in the pool, or a day inside on the couch without breaking a sweat!