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Let me start by telling you, that before telling a hairstylist about my background in
Cosmetology, I like to let them look me over and tell me what they think. I’ve found that stylists
are more comfortable when they don’t know I’m a stylist. But, if they tell me something that
scares me, I speak up, fill them in, and tell them what I would do. This way, I don’t have to sit
and be worried the whole time.

The moment I walked into Sassoon Salon I was introduced to Tara Forman, Assistant Color
Director. Tara and I were on the same page from the get-go. I told her the results
that I was looking for, and she told me exactly how she would get me there – and I was happy
with that. I also met Ben Ko, Scottsdale Creative Director, he came by to check out my hair and
talk about my cut. I let him know that I was growing it out, but that I would like to have a good
trim and shape.


Let me preface with, my hair was a mess. It had been so long since I had a visit to the salon with
the holiday travel that my hair was almost orange. I also, just deleted my “before” photo on
purpose, (you’re welcome). I had highlights over the summer and anyone who’s gone back to
their darker color after major highlights knows, you have to get color deposited several times before it sticks. Anyway, all my color had… fell off? Haha.


Poor Tara. I can only imagine what she was thinking. She mixed my color and I sipped on my iced tea that sweet Nicole made for me (she’s the assistant). When Tara came back, we got started right away on a few thin highlights to bump my base color. Then she touched up my new growth (OK, my gray) and using a free-hand bayalage method, she painted over my ends.

We chatted about everything. Mostly about my new pup, her pup and getting to the gym in the new year. Once it was time, Nicole grabbed me and took me to the sink. She rinsed and washed and then she applied a toner. After the toner, I got a wonderful (MUCH NEEDED) conditioning treatment that transformed my hair.

After I was all rinsed, Ben grabbed me and we went over to his chair. Ben is awesome! I just loved being in his chair. We talked about all of our adventures over the last year and he had so much good advice for hiking and adventure. Ben gave me a great cut and blow-out and I was on my way.

My hair color and cut turned out beautifully. My hair feels so healthy and I’ve been getting so many compliments. The salon is super vibey and everyone is so nice and helpful. I’m so excited to go back! Please stay tuned for the rest of my @SassoonExperience


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We believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.
That's why we never mass produce but always tailor the look: Considering the individual's unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and colour.
We never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.
Realising perfect beauty - individual and practical - is our goal.
This is Sassoon. This is Hair Design.