My Favorite Mood Boosters


Because I mainly work from home I am used to the midday slumps or random mood spurts. But every since becoming a mom, being home is more work than ever before. Seeing the same four walls day after day can actually get tiring… believe it or not. This is why I have a few different daily life savers that perk me up and give me energy.

Juice! You can find fresh pressed juice in bottles at Whole Foods or find a local business that makes them fresh… you can also order online. If you are an AZ local you can never go wrong with Kaleidoscope or Nekter! Postmates is also your bff in this situation.

Naps… these are far and few in-between because Nixon keeps me busier than ever. However whenever she is sleeping and mama is in need of some z’s as well I take advantage. Try the Calm app and use the “nap” setting… LIFE CHANGING.

Friends… yes the actual human beings are great but I am talking about Rachel and Ross right now. Obviously I don’t restrict myself to just one show at home, although I could watch Friends over and over again for the rest of my life. But Netflix really can be a life saver these days. I can watch an educational video while I am putting baby to sleep, or a comedy when I need a laugh.

Chocolate… or any snacks really. I like to keep few treats in the house but there is always a little bit of chocolate to be found. If you are a peanut butter kind of person, get the Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups and freeze them, so good! Or the Power Berries ( I eat these by the handfuls).. but they both contain dark chocolate and will perk you right up.

Coffee…. there very small spurts of quiet time I do get are typically accompanied by a warm cup of coffee. Just a nice breathable moment to reflect on things, and get some work done.

Eat Well… this goes without saying, but a good diet will always make you feel better.

Take a vitamin D and magnesium supplement DAILY. Trust me on this one!

I know there are tons of ways you can boost your mood, and you of course know yourself best. But remember to be kind to yourself and that self care is a priority not an option.