5 Red Eye Necessities


Catching a red eye can be your worst nightmare or the best decision ever made. It just depends on how prepared you are. You can’t really control who is sitting next to you, but here are a few things you have complete control over.

  1. A face mask. Planes and airports are not only filled with people and germs, but the high elevation actually has negative effects on your skin. With elevation and air recirculating, I am one dull mess when I exit a plane. One of my favorite things to do is bring a face mask with me and apply right before take off, that way when I land I look less tired and more refreshed. My recent favorites to bring is this Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask... it’s fun to put this on and add a cloth sheet mask over it and scare everyone. Anything in the name of YOUTH.
  2. Snacks. Normally I would not be eating so late, but traveling can induce stress eating, so I at least compromise and make it something that is not so bad for me. Nuts are a great option to pack for this occasion, and a granola bar always saves the day. Cannot go wrong with the Perfect Bar.
  3. Gum. That clogged ear feeling is so terrible, I am dedicated to never letting it happen to me. One time I fell asleep before takeoff and air got trapped in my sinus cavities above my eyebrows. I HAVE NEVER FELT PAIN LIKE THAT BEFORE. I chew gum to get my joints moving and the old trick seems to work every time. My favorite gum is the Simply Gum Mint.
  4. Lip balm. Remember how I said flights can be drying to your skin? Well nothing is worse than dry lips (to me anyway), I bring this lip butter, for an easy apply and instant hydration.
  5. Sleep. This is personal option, but if you are one who can’t stay awake past safety guidelines on a plane, the least you could do is get GOOD sleep. An eye mask makes that sleep that much better, one of my faves is here, it is so perfect and cooling.

And remember this flight will be over soon, the man snoring next to you is only temporary, and think of how good your skin will look when you land!