My Makeup from the IG Boomerang

Screenshot from the video.

Screenshot from the video.


As promised, the list of items I used to create this quick look! Yep, these are my real lashes! I use an amazing lash serum that has honestly given me so much freedom! I was addicted to very expensive lash extensions. I HATED the time I had to spend getting them replaced every two weeks. Not to mention the allergy that came along with them. My eyes were completely bloodshot most of the time. I knew it wasn’t healthy but I didn’t think there was an alternative. I started using THIS serum while getting extensions and even though my lashes grew a bit slower because I had the extensions on, it still really helped with the transition. I’ve now used 4 bottles of this serum and these are my results. Read my full review here. During the day when I’m working from home, I use an oil on my lashes to help keep this hydrated.



To me, no amount of makeup can make dry skin look good. So the pre-makeup routine is always just as important. I take very good care of my skin, but I always feel like there’s room for improvement. I also just don’t have a choice — it’s obvious when I neglect myself, even for just a day. I use a LOT of different products because I want to try everything. But here are my favorites at the moment that I’m not living without.

Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum tops the list. Read my full review here.



For this makeup look I stuck close to the basics. I really really really don’t like my face when is overdone. I just like simple makeup, and honestly even that seems like a little too much for my personality. It looks great on other people, but I like to keep it simple. Here’s what I use on a day I’m “getting ready” … note: here I went a little heavier on the mascara and bronzer since I knew I would be taking photos.



I’ll be putting together a series of Instagram stories next week to walk you through this so make sure you’re following me on Instagram!